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Does your website work on mobile devices?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Does your website work on mobile devices?

As you know we are keen campers here at Eightyone Design and one of the joys of camping is that you can go away on a whim. Is the sun shining this morning? Well let’s go camping then!

We often ring the campsite on route, to ensure we can get a pitch. This involves using our phone to go online, finding their website and giving them a call. So far this has never proved a problem, however this weekend on route to North Devon I logged onto a major campsite chains website only to find the main telephone number they had situated on every page was an image and I couldn’t click on it to call them direct. I know I sound like a petulant kid, but we are now in a ‘touch it and it’ll work’ age and it is so frustrating when websites don’t work as easily as they should. I’ve contacted many smaller campsites who’s websites usability is great on mobile devices so why can’t a major chain sort their site out?


5 reasons you should detach yourself from your digital world

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I have recently given in to temptation and bought the new iPhone 3G which I have been admiring from a distance for quite a while. The main reason for wanting the phone was the ability to sync my mac calendars and email allowing me to continually be connected to the digital world (although the virtual pint is reason enough!). 

I didn’t think it was too much of a problem checking and responding to emails at the dinner table or surfing the net at our local pub. However, on a recent holiday I found myself sneaking off to reply to emails and generally plug myself into my digital world at every opportunity. It wasn’t that my clients were demanding answers, they all knew we were on holiday and didn’t expect their emails to be responded too. But I felt compelled to plug in and ensure my virtual life was still there.

I’ve started to wonder if my resistance to unplug from my digital world would have a negative effect our business rather than a positive one? Here are 5 reasons you may want to think about detaching yourself from your digital world: (more…)