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13 beautiful examples of vintage 1970’s photography

13 beautiful examples of vintage 1970's photography

There’s something special and unique about vintage photography. I’m not sure if it’s the grainy texture, the over exposure or the unsaturated colours that appeal to me, but they all seem so warm and inviting. I seem to have collected a few images with this vintage charm as my favourites on Flickr and thought I would share the images and their Photographers with you.

Tim Navis

Tim Navis Photography

Emma Uber

Emma Uber Photography


Estrilda Photography


Dirkhaim photography

Neil Krug

Neil Rug Photography


Sashi Photography


i.anton photography

Matt Caplin

Matt Caplin Photography

My Heart is an Apple

My Heart is an Apple Photography

Pacific Theme

Pacific Theme photography

Henry Crouch

Henry Crouch Photography

Mizz S

Mizz S Photography

Miss. Bailey

Miss. Bailey Photography

As well as these great photostreams there are some excellent group pools for vintage and retro images:

I can’t say I have a favourite image as I think they all look gorgeous. Have you spotted any 70’s inspired images we could include here?

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Posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 at 10:24 am
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