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20 Stunning Music CD Cover Designs

My iPod is pretty much permanently attached to my hip. It is definitely my best friend and I never go anywhere without it. Music enhances my day, improves my mood and certainly helps get those creative juices flowing. 

I was flicking through my album art and was surprised to find what an awesome selection I had so thought I’d post a few of my favorite covers and see what you thought?


Kings of Leon

Cage the Elephant

Lilly Allen

Kate Nash


The Feeling

Noah and the Whale


Kula Shaker

Gwen Stefani

Just Jack

Newton Faulkner

Jack Johnson


The Feeling

Xavier Rudd

The Hoosiers - The Trick to Life - CD Cover Design

Fatboy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry - CD Cover Design

The Bravery - Honest Mistake - CD Cover Design

Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night - CD Cover Design

The Coral - The Coral - CD Cover Design

3 Not So Stunning Music CD Cover Designs

Unlike other purchases (a bottle of wine for example) you don’t choose the music you purchase based on the cover, however I still get let down when the cover doesn’t reflect the music, like this album art from The Killers for ‘Mr Brightside’. To me, this design portrays a bit of a ‘Bond’ type feel which couldn’t be further from the type of song ‘Mr Brightside’ is.

The Killers - Mr Brightside - CD Cover Design

This recent release from Iglu and Hartley has entered the top 20 (and I really like it) but the CD Cover design again does not reflect the song at all. In my opinion the song is heavily inspired by 80’s music but this cover has a more of a grungy feel.

Iglu & Hartley - In This City - Album Cover Design

And finally, maybe I am missing something but I can not see what the image used for the Dario G album ‘Sunmachine’ is trying to portray. It’s a great shot but I am not sure what it is saying and how it reflects the type of music it contains?

Dario G - Sunmachine - CD Cover Design

Is there any particular album covers that you adore? Or are there some that got you screaming “that doesn’t do the song any justice!”? We’d love to know.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 9:39 am
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