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Another 20 Gorgeous Music CD Cover Designs

Another 20 Gorgeous Music CD Cover Designs

Looking through my iTunes library, there are loads of album covers I missed out in our last post on music CD cover designs, so have decided to include them here. For me a successful CD cover is not just about how gorgeous the design is but how does that cover relate to the music? Does the art sum up the music in a concise and effective way? Here are some covers I feel not only convey the type of music, but generally look pretty cool.

Keene CD Cover design

Lilly Allen CD Cover design

Air CD Cover design

Keene CD Cover design

Nizlopi CD Cover design

Kaiser Cheifs CD Cover design

Bloodhound Gang CD Cover design

Kula Shaker CD Cover design

My Chemical Romance CD Cover design

Scissor Sisters  CD Cover design

Average White Band CD Cover design

Franz Ferdinand CD Cover design

Gnarls Barkley CD Cover design

Powder Finger CD Cover design

Snow Patrol CD Cover design

Maroon 5 CD Cover design

Paolo Nutini CD Cover design

James Blunt CD Cover design

Gnarls Barkley CD Cover design

Fallout Boy CD Cover design

What are your favourite CD / Album Cover design in your iTunes library?

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Posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 11:53 am
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8 Responses to “Another 20 Gorgeous Music CD Cover Designs”

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  • CD art is always very interesting. You can see the progression over the years, when CD’s went from the artist’s face on the cover to all kinds of colorful, interesting designs.

  • Don’t you just love album covers? Franz Ferdinand always has great art. I really like the cover shown here.

  • These are almost the exact same designs I would have picked for this post! My favourite is the James Blunt album cover. I think the Scissor Sisters logo is absolutely amazing, all really good album covers.

  • Mmmm, loving them :)

    Virgin Suicides … I love baby pink combined with other strong colours, I think it always looks so striking and of course the illustration is fabulous. It has an arts and crafts air to it in the overall shape and flower styling.

    Lilly Allen’s cover is great, really bold and strong and I like the beige background blend.

  • lu says:

    @Logo Design Guru – I know what you mean they have changed significantly! I would love to track CD covers over the decades and see how they’ve evolved…I can feel the blog post forming…..!

    @James – I too adore Franz Ferdinand!

    @Danny – Glad to hear we are on the same page! I think the scissor sisters logo is great, so simple and yet so memorable.

    @Amanda Vlahakis – The illustration on the Virgin Suicides cover is gorgeous and I love the Lilly Allen cover and music.

    Thank you all for taking the time to add your thoughts!

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  • I love posts like this! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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