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We recently received our new Super Hub from Virgin Media. A particularly inconspicuous box arrived, however we were pleasantly surprised when we opened it up.


The inside of the sturday cardboard box was printed red with a large welcome message and a ‘Get Started’ leaflet.



When I opened the leaflet it gave clear instructions on the red side how to dis-connect your old modem.


On the reverse the background was white and gave further instructions on how to install your new modem.


The vector illustrations on the leaflet were simple and clear. The layout allowed the reader to follow the instructions with ease.

The following day we received a brochure about after your installation, nicely timed but a little bit disappointed with the design. I was hoping it might be a little more illiustration based, similar to the ‘Get Started’ leaflet.


When a product is presented well it sets a certain mood, in this case we were excited and keen to install this new technology, the branding was bang on which in turn reflects on our feeling towards Virgin Media. If the product was delivered in a damaged box, with instructions you’d need a magnifying glass to read our feelings toward the product and company would be negative and therefore damaging to their brand.

Have you come accross any packaging that you were particularly impressed with?

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Posted on Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 9:19 am
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