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Delving into the world of photography and flickr

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Delving into the world of photography and flickr

I was a very good girl this year and lucky enough to be given a Canon EOS 450D by Santa! In our New Years Resolution Blog Post we vowed to make more time for personal projects and I have been snapping away whenever I’ve had a free afternoon! I’ve posted a couple of pics below, but please be forgiving as apart from a couple of modules at Uni (which seems like light years ago) I’ve not had any kind of photography training. (more…)

Design and Development of The VW Camper Van Blog Website and Logo Design

Monday, December 1st, 2008

As you are probably well aware over here at eightyone design we have a huge passion for VW campervans. We have written a couple of articles on them (When should a graphic designer stop designing? and VW campervan logo designs) and love to tinker with our own VW T25 Camper Van. We had been thinking of creating a blog solely dedicated to our hobby enabling us to write endless articles about various events we attend, camping, plans for our van as well as featuring other peoples vehicles. We finally launched www.vwcampervanblog.com last month and we are really pleased with the overall look as well as how it has been received by the VW Community. In this article we outline the design process we went through to design the blog and where we drew inspiration from. 

Overall Style

We decided upon a vintage / retro theme as the blog would feature all different vans from 1950’s and 1960’s splitties through 1970’s Bay Window Vans and also the more modern VW camper vans. 

Logo Design

We started at the beginning – with the logo design. Knowing we were after a retro feel we hit the usual inspiration hot spots such as Flickr. We found some great examples of vintage and retro drinks signs aswell as petrol / oil signs which we really liiked and seemed to suit the subject matter really well. (more…)

When should a Graphic Designer stop designing?

Monday, June 30th, 2008

As a graphic designer, it’s very difficult to know when to stop designing. I know whenever we have a free minute to ourselves after a long day at work we immediately move on to our personal design projects. Or if there are no personal projects on the go we read design magazines and books or explore the internet for graphic design blogs or portfolios gaining valuable inspiration for the next project. Essentially, we eat, sleep and breath design. But when is it the right time to say, ‘No, I am going to stop designing and do something else’?

A good recent example came when I finished a restoration project on my pride and joy… my VW camper van. It has spent the last 5 weeks at the body shop being completely dismantled, rubbed down, primed up and re-sprayed from british racing green (with a white and maroon roof) to a much more appealing harvest moon beige.

Our VW Camper Van