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I didn’t know Santa played rugby?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Santa suit design rugby shirt - Eightyone Design, Paignton, Devon

Now I wouldn’t mess with a rugby player and I think that’s why they can wear all these outrageous shirt designs… no-one would ever dare question their loud choice of attire!


Is copying the greatest form of flattery?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

WBR t-shirt design

The Winter of 2009 gave birth the new WBR collection. This collection was a little bit different to the rest as the designs were sublimated onto fitted rugby shirts. As the designs were dyed directly into the shirts we were able to utilise the whole shirt rather than just the front. (more…)

WBR World Beach Rugby Winter 2009 Clothing Designs

Monday, January 11th, 2010

WBR t-shirt design

As you all probably know by now we work (what seems like continuously) on a little project called World Beach Rugby. Twice a year we design a range of clothing which is sold online through the UK’s no. 1 rugby retailer, Lovell Rugby. 

However this summer they wanted something a little different, rather than the usual t-shirt designs, they wanted us to create some designs to be sublimated onto fitted style rugby shirts. The designs would be dyed directly into the fabric so we were therefore able to utilise the whole shirt for the design rather than just the front. We were also asked to make the t-shirt designs as bold and wild as possible, so they would really (I mean really) stand out from the crowd. When usually working on screen printed t-shirt designs, we have to work with limited amount of colours within the design as each extra colour means a new print plate. However, due to the new sublimated format there were certain design constraints which were lifted. We were therefore able to use gradients and colour blends to create different effects. (more…)

How do you design something you don’t like?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

How do you design something you don't like?

This blog article is about something that I am sure happens to all designers at some point in their career – You are asked to design something you don’t actually like. Now it’s not that what you are designing is wrong, in fact it’s perfect for the intended market. However, you yourself are not the target market and the brief does not encompass your style. Therefore, you do not like what you are actually creating. 


WBR World Beach Rugby Launches Their Summer 2009 Clothing Range

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

WBR World Beach Rugby Launches Their Summer 2009 Clothing Range

We always know summer is approaching when we finally see our latest t-shirt and clothing designs available for sale on the WBR World Beach Rugby Website. It has once again been a long process since we started work on this seasons clothing range, but it is great to see the finished products now being sent out to Lovell Rugby’s loyal customers.   (more…)

Eightyone Design featured in Images Magazine

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Images Magazine is a publication produced for textile screen printing, embroiders and garment decorators. It has a circulation of around 10,000 across the UK and Europe. 

Eightyone Design article in Images Magazine

We were recently featured in Images Magazine showcasing the Summer 08 collection of World Beach Rugby Clothing. The magazine discovered our blog through Google and read our post about how we created the WBR Summer clothing range. Soon enough the magazine got in contact and asked to feature the article. We were more than happy to be included in the publication and thrilled they found us through Google. (more…)

Designing the Winter 08/09 WBR World Beach Rugby Clothing Range

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

As we have previously mentioned (WBR World Beach Rugby Summer 08 T-shirt Design and Development) we have been involved for the last 2 years in designing clothing for a rugby brand called World Beach Rugby (or WBR). In the post above we discuss how we developed the Summer 08 clothing range. After completion of the Summer 2008 range we started work straight away on the Winter 2008/09 additions. We completed these back in May and the items are now available for purchase through the Lovell Rugby online store. In this post we show you the design and development process we went through to create the garments which were added to the WBR range.

Back in April 2008 we met with the guys at Lovell Rugby and discussed their direction for the Winter collection of WBR. They wanted to extend their range of rugby shirts and wanted these to be branded with an imaginary team and crest. We decided upon four team names. We also discussed the sort of colour scheme required which was to feature washed out and distressed charcoals, maroons and browns. They also wanted the patching and neck labels to be slightly different to the summer range to reflect a more vintage and traditional style. We then set to work creating the crests.

In our initial meetings, we had discussed the use of traditional heraldry crests with full decoration. Initially we sketched out four different crest designs ensuring that the overall shape of each of the designs were quite different, allowing them to be distinctive at a glance.   (more…)

WBR World Beach Rugby Summer 08 T-shirt Design and Development

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Beach Rugby is the game of tag rugby played on the beach. The WBR World Beach Rugby clothing brand was created by Lovell Rugby (The UK’s leading Online Rugby Store) in order to fill the quiet gap in trade between the end of season and pre-season training. Back in 2006, we designed the logo and the initial collection which went to retail in May 2007. Now, almost 18 months on and after having sold over 10,000 garments, the clothing range has been expanded to meet with the demand for the rugby fashion wear. In this post we show how we went about creating the Summer 08 range and the promotion to accompany the collection. 

Selection of Summer 2008 WBR T-Shirt designs