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Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Research

The Dawlish Learning Partnership is a partnership promoting learning at the heart of the community, encouraging collaboration between all community organisations involved in supporting learning.

Logo Design Brief

The DLP had several ideas about how they would like their logo to look and represent. They initially liked the idea that their logo could be based around their initials ‘DLP’ they also liked the idea of having some kind of symbol developed representing the four key words which describe the partnership:

  • Reflection
  • Innovation
  • Cohesive communities
  • Unlocking Potential

Initial Sketches

We began by researching other learning partnerships and researching the schools included in the partnership. We then started with some initial sketches. We find that sketching out the logo designs first before hitting the computer gives us more freedom to develop a concept without wasting time trying to get it technically accurate.

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Sketches

After sifting through our sketches we chose three concepts to develop and show to the client.

Logo Design Concept #1

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Concept

When we present logo design concepts to clients we include a ‘Behind the Logo’ info sheet which informs them of the ideas which inspire the particular design. For this logo design concept we included the following:

“We wanted to utilise the four keywords which embody the Dawlish Learning Partnership. We have done so by creating four figures, which represent people. The four people symbolise working together as a community giving life long learning. Their heads are made up of circles and shoulders which are created by arrows indicating that learning is being absorbed or taken in.

The font is contemporary and clean reflecting the DLP as a professional yet modern partnership.

We have used blue and lime green as the colour combination for the logo design. The blue highlights the professional side of DLP and the green represents the fun. We have used a different colour for ‘Learning’ to highlight this part of the name ensuring people instantly recognise the main aspect of the partnership.”

Logo Design Concept #2

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Concept

“We have once again used four symbols to represent the keywords which illustrate the DLP. These symbols also represent people and emphasise the logo strapline ‘Schools at the heart of your community’ as each of the people are linking with one another symbolising a community working together. The shapes of the people resemble hearts representing the heart connotation from the strapline.

The font is once again clean and simple, allowing you to easily read Dawlish Learning Partnership.

The colours of the logo are very vibrant using mostly primary colours representing youth. This is grounded by the grey of the typography.”

Logo Design Concept #3

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Concept

“We discussed creating a monogram from the initials ‘DLP’. This logo is particularly bold and stands out. The letters all intertwine, lean and depend on each other to make the logo work, much like a community does.

The font is bold which works well with the strong symbol, and once again is clear and easy to read.

We have used a range of blues in the logo, to portray the Dawlish Learning Partnership as a professional and strong partnership.”


DLP wanted us to present the logos to a small selection of children from the schools included in the partnership. We split the symbols, font and colour into three sections and asked the children to choose their favourite and why. We then showed them the full logos with symbol, colour and typography as one (as above) and asked them their thoughts. They then changed their minds to what they had originally decided, particularly once colour was applied to the logo designs.

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Questionnaire

It was great that the children could instantly see the representation of people and clearly see ‘DLP’ monogram in the shapes. There were clear winners in each of the categories. The symbol they preferred was the ‘DLP’ initials, the colour they preferred was the blue and lime green combination and the font they preferred was the thicker ‘Hit the Road’ font. We obviously didn’t want to end up with a ‘frankenstein’ design made up of different elements which didn’t work together so with their input we re-developed the final logo design.

Final Logo Design

We felt that the lime green and blue colourway worked well with the shapes. However we felt the logo looked very flat and not at all dynamic. We therefore redesigned the shapes which made up the logo creating a more interconnecting continuous shape. The addition of small ‘tails’ on these shapes helped to make them look more like the letters they were representing.

Looking at the original concept we were concerned that due to the long name ‘Dawlish Learning Partnership’ there might be some problems when reproducing the logo at smaller sizes and across different mediums, particularly for the website. To rectify this we devised a new layout for the logo making it more robust across a wide range of sizes. We also felt that the change in composition portrayed a more dynamic look.

We decided not to use the font chosen by the children as it was too bold and didn’t work as well as Helvetica with the chosen symbol.

Dawlish Learning Partnership Final Logo Design

The DLP and the head teachers were all very pleased with the logo design and it is now being rolled out on posters and is being utilised in their website design (which will hopefully be featured in an upcoming blog post soon!).

What do you think of the Dawlish Learning Partnership logo design? Do you think that they chose the right concept? Have you ever run a workshop to help you choose the right logo design concept?

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Posted on Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 11:23 am
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4 Responses to “Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design”

  • Noel Wiggins says:

    That was a great tour through the process from concept to completion. And I love the final Dawlish Learning partnership logo.
    Very slick great colors rememberable icon, that has meaning.


    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com
    a graphic design studio

  • Lu says:

    Hi Noel

    I’m glad to hear you like the final logo, we are particularly pleased with the result as are the partnership. It’s great when you are given the right balance of input from the client and creative freedom!

    Thanks for your comment!


  • Amanda says:

    I really like both concept #2 and #3, both are really strong I think.

    The chosen design is great, I can see that design 3 does perhaps have the slight edge over design 2, it’s stronger and bolder isn’t it. I really like the colour scheme also.

  • Lu says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m glad you like concept 2 and 3. Concept number 2 was the next favourite, however number 3 was far in front. I think you are right it was because it was a lot bolder and looked more contemporary. We are really pleased with the final result and particularly like the colour scheme.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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