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Delving into the world of photography and flickr

Delving into the world of photography and flickr

I was a very good girl this year and lucky enough to be given a Canon EOS 450D by Santa! In our New Years Resolution Blog Post we vowed to make more time for personal projects and I have been snapping away whenever I’ve had a free afternoon! I’ve posted a couple of pics below, but please be forgiving as apart from a couple of modules at Uni (which seems like light years ago) I’ve not had any kind of photography training.

Christmas Tree Decorations – I was experimenting with light, trying to get the lights to sparkle and playing around with back lit decorations.



Snow – We hardly ever get snow in the South West so I had to grab my camera and shoot what I could with my limited knowledge!

snow covered branches photograph

snow covered branches -2 photograph






My Model Soxie – I have a new respect for animal photographers, it was such a nightmare to keep him still for more than half a second. I love the first pic, I think it looks like he is posing all moody for me!

soxie photograph

soxie in snow photograph

soxie in snow photograph

Still Photography – After trying to take pictures of Sox, it was a pleasure to take images of something still. I don’t have any props per say so I’ve just grabbed things hanging around the house or office to practice with. I was experimenting with different light sources, depth of field and composition.

chocolate chip cookies photograph

vintage radio photograph

vw campervan model photograph

vw campervan model photograph

vw campervan model photograph

vw campervan model photograph

As you can see I’m still learning and shooting anything and everything! I’m a big fan of Flickr and often visit it for inspiration. I’ve set up my own account where I’ll be posting more of my images as soon as I get round to taking them!

If you have any advice or there are any photography blogs you can recommend please do let me know. Feel free to critic the above images any advice and pointers are welcome!

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Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2009 at 1:38 pm
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9 Responses to “Delving into the world of photography and flickr”

  • Dan Hauk says:

    Nice post. I took photography classes all through college and sadly haven’t had the time to do much anymore.

    These images are pretty good. I really like the composition, which I think is one of the harder things to achieve. But you seem to have a good eye for it.

    One of these days I will start getting back out there, and then I’ll have something to post on my Flickr account. I think there’s about 8 random pictures I put on there a while ago just to upload something.

  • lu says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for taking a look at my images. I’m glad you think they’re ok. Composition is definitely something I want to work on (as well as dof, colouring…etc!).

    Photography certainly is time consuming, I can understand why you haven’t had time to post to Flickr. Love the pics of your dogs you have on there, they’re adorable!

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  • Rebecca Agra says:


    You have a nice work!
    And nice blog too!


    Ps. Sorry for my bad english…

  • Barney says:

    Fun stuff! There’s something very healthy about the transition into design and seeing that as a mature outlook on an obsession with visual media.

    I was huge with pencil and paper as a child and life-, memory- & surreal drawing were my defining feature from ages 3 through 16. At school it finally got beaten out of me. I had an irate art teacher who took personal offense at my work not being to her standards. My natural urge to draw withered, but what killed it off was the whole philosophical conceptual mess of ‘the value of art’ which this had really hammered into me. What purposes did it fit? Who could judge its merit? Etc. I think those thoughts later helped me to put my sense of visual meaning and order to a more arbitrarily qualifiable and ‘useful’ discipline.

    I ended up becoming a designer when I had the absolutely wonderful and completely undeserved good fortune to be hired as a temp admin/CR for an information design agency. Within weeks I became an irrational critic of everything visual I laid my eyes on, and started foaming at the mouth about the way things were supposed to be (that’s a designer, right?)… And the rest is history.

  • Great composition! The snow ones look great, my other favourite is the one of the radio. I’ve been thinking about getting a DLSR like the Canon EOS 450D, do you like it?

  • lu says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Glad you like our work and blog! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Barney,

    Thanks for giving us an insight to your graphic design roots, it is interesting discovering how people found themselves in this industry.

    Hi Danny,

    Glad you like my photography! I do like the radio, it’s a lovely subject to photograph.

    I’ve really enjoyed working with the Canon 450D, it’s easy to use and great for beginners, however I still feel there is so much to learn and don’t think I will be requiring a better camera for a long while yet. I should mention this is my first DSLR camera and haven’t got any experience with other cameras on the market. The Canon 450D was suggested to me by several photographers and I am really pleased with the image quality and ease of use.

    Thank you all for your comments!

  • I’ve heard its a good camera, hopefully save up and have one by the end of this summer :) I love photography, if I wasnt sure about doing graphic design as a career I would definately go into photography.

  • LaiLove says:

    I love the Last ice Melting on the chair photograph…
    beautifully captured.

    & Hehe The cookies defiantly caught my eye.

  • lu says:

    Hi Danny, Goodluck with the savings! Let us know how you get on!

    Hi LaiLove, Glad you like the ice melting photo and of course the cookies images (I ate them all as soon as I was finished!).

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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