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In October 2012, we launched four primary school websites in the Dawlish catchment area (blogged about here). Since then the school websites have thrived, regularly adding posts and images, updating their calendar events and pages. Other primary schools in the Dawlish area were so impressed with the websites they decided it was time to revamp their sites too. Of course we were thrilled by this and in mid 2013 met with two local primary schools – Kenn and Gatehouse, as well as one secondary school Dawlish Community College.

The schools were happy to use the schools template we developed as this would give them the functionality of a calendar, Twitter integration, social media likes, revolving header etc.


Kenn Primary School

The website for Kenn was the first to hit the drawing board. Their previous site didn’t have a theme as such:

Kenn Primary School old website design

As Kenn Primary School isn’t far from Haldon forest they requested a forest theme to the background of their website and wanted the copy colour to reflect the colour of their burgandy and gold uniforms.

Kenn Primary School website design - by eightyone design, in Paignton, South Devon

Gatehouse Primary School

The website for Gatehouse was very bright and engaging, however they didn’t have full access to their CMS.

Gatehouse Primary School old website design

Gatehouse Primary School is adjacent to the sheer cliffs of Dawlish and the famous railway, so we wanted this reflected in the background illustrations. As their previous site was so bright and engaging we didn’t want to loose any of that vibrant feel so the copy and links are all very bright.

Gatehouse Primary School new website design by eightyone design, Paignton, South Devon

Dawlish Community College

Dawlish Community College had a very functional website, but wanted a revamp:

Dawlish Community College old website design

Dawlish Community College wanted a more sophisticated look and didn’t want an illustrative background, they wanted the site to reflect the college colours and other marketing materials they had developed so there was a synergy between everything they created.

Dawlish Community College new website design by eightyone design, Paignton, South Devon

Build and plugins

As we were using the template we had previously developed it was quite simple to create the new sites for the schools.

However, they did require a couple of extra plugins to manage some additional functionality.

Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast secure contact form is a WordPress plugin we’ve used several times before. It creates a basic form, to which you can add and amend fields as appropriate.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a contact form which is a little more sophisticated than Fast Secure Contact Form. Contact Form 7 allows you to create a list of contacts for the contact form to send to.


The sites have now been live for a couple of months and it’s great to see them being updated regularly and so frequently used:




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