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DLP website design

The Dawlish Learning Partnership (or DLP) is a partnership promoting learning at the heart of the community, encouraging collaboration between all community organisations involved in supporting learning. Back in March we were approached by the Dawlish Learning Partnership  to create a logo for the organisation. The process went well and we created a logo which the client (as well as ourselves) were particularly pleased with. The logo has now been applied to a range of media as such as posters and letterheads.

Dawlish Learning Partnership Final Logo Design

As soon as the logo was ‘put to bed’, DLP invited us to work on the Dawlish Learning Partnership website. Of course we accepted the project and two months later we launched their new site. This article gives you a brief overview of the process.

The Brief

The main objective for the DLP website was to inform and educate parents, pupils, teachers and carers in the Dawlish catchment area. This information was broken into two sections, one was to inform users of the provisions in the area and the website to act as a portal, linking parents to the relevant sites or information. The second section collated news and events from the schools in the Dawlish area to inform users of what’s going on and report on events that have occured.

Our first job was to sit down with the DLP and decide on how to categorise the information and services and come up with a basic site map. Once we had all the information under the right section and we were happy with the page content we got to work sketching out the website.

The Design

DLP required the different services to be separated using different colours which would represtent each service. They also wanted the site to be bright and particularly appealing to all the pupils in the Dawlish area. Once we had loosely sketched out the website layout, we then used a 12 column 960 grid system to create the design, ensuring it had a balanced layout.

The DLP website design with 12 column grid applied

As one of the primary functions of The DLP website was to publish news articles so we didn’t want the design to contrast with this main requirement. Bearing this in mind we kept the main content area relatively clean and simple, focusing the design on the header and footer.

Overall The DLP were delighted with the website visual and other than amending a few headings and icons the website visual was ‘spot on!’.

The Build

As The DLP required a content managed website with a heavy emphasis on news and blogs we knew that WordPress was the CMS for the job. The simple, easy to use interface and great blogging platform meant that The DLP could add more blogs and edit content to their hearts content!

In addition to this The DLP required several tables in the website which they would be required to edit and add to throughout the year. We used a plug in called WP Tables Reloaded which enables you to create editable tables in the WordPress admin area. Again as it requires no html editing it’s easy to use functionality meant it was ideal for the client.

The DLP website design - WordPress Tables Reloaded

We spent some time showing The DLP how to use WordPress and within minutes they were posting blog posts and editing news!

The Launch

The launch of the website went smoothly and has been well received by the schools in the Dawlish area. Since the launch The DLP has received many subscribers to the website and have published a wide range of articles and news.

The DLP final website design

David Carr The DLP Business Development Manager Comments

“Thanks for all your help and patience as we worked out exactly what was needed! Thank you for the work you have put into our site, I am really pleased with it.”

Visit The Dawlish Learning Partner website and let us know your thoughts – www.mydlp.org.uk

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