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Design and Development of the New Ability Website and Print Literature

New Ability brochure and website design by Eightyone Design - Paignton, South Devon

New Ability provides a complete service for disabled people and their carers in Torbay and its surrounding areas. We were invited to design a range of print media (brochure and flyer) for New Ability as well as a website.

Brochure and Flyer Design

The client was happy with their logo, but wanted a new, fresh feel for their print literature. They decided they wanted a flyer as well as a more comprehensive brochure.

One of the key factors for New Ability was to ensure their marketing literature was clear and easy to read. Their style couldn’t be too complicated or detailed – a clean and concise re-design was what they required. As the client was keeping their current logo we needed to ensure it worked well with their new style.

New Ability Brochure Design by Eightyone Design - Paignton South Devon

We wanted to ensure the copy was easy to read so when laying out the brochure we held back on all design elements ensuring the copy took precedence over anything else.

We drew inspiration from the logo and highlighted key products in circles. We also kept very close to the colours from the logo. The images were separated with gentle curves to give the artwork a more friendly and warm appearance.

The client wanted to ensure the telephone number was not to be missed, so on each piece the telephone number can be found on each panel.

New Ability flyer Design by Eightyone Design - Paignton South Devon

Once the client was happy with the final brochure we moved onto the website design.

Website Design

The look of the website needed to follow on from the brochure and flyer so there was a synergy between all of the marketing materials. We needed to ensure the website was particularly easy to read as well as easy to use. The client again requested that the contact details were obvious on every page and not to be missed.


Once we had completed our market research we worked on wireframes of the website layout.


The client was happy that the contact details would be on every page and the split navigation would make the site particularly easy to use.

Website Visual

As we had already designed the brochure and flyer it was a case of applying this styling to the website design.

New Ability website design

The client was pleased with the website visual and felt it worked well with the rest of the marketing materials.

Website Build

As the client required a content management system for their website we built the site in WordPress. Even though the site had no blog or news WordPress still makes an excellent CMS to manage their page content. The client was so at ease with WordPress they populated most of the site themselves!

Feel free to take a look at the New Ability website and let us know your thoughts – www.newability.co.uk

Overall the re-design of the New Ability marketing materials went particularly smoothly. We are pleased with how simple yet bold the branding is.

What do you think of the New Ability brochure, flyer and website? Easy to read or a little too simple for your liking?

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