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Design and Development of the Papillon Bleu Partners Website

papillon bleu partners website design

papillon bleu partners provide comprehensive consulting, advice and skills development. They help clients establish an effective portfolio and projects management culture and processes that are linked reliably to business strategy.

The Brief

papillon bleu partners approached us requesting a content managed website with integrated blog and news section. They wanted to showcase their services and the impressive papillon blue partners team. papillon bleu provided a detailed brief with flow charts and site structure, which was great and meant we were all ‘on the same page’ at an early stage of the web design process.

papillon bleu had previously met Tim Holsgrove (a photographer) and together they discussed creating a range of imagery for the site based on origami. The client sent over the brief for the site and the range of images created by Tim and it was up to us to incorporate the images in the website  design and create something striking and interesting whilst not distracting the user from the main content.

Website design

We wanted to take full advantage of the images being shot on white and loved the fact that they were hanging in mid air and decided very early on the site should have a white background as if everything was hovering over it. We split the navigation in two, separating out the services papillon bleu provided. We sketched out the site and decided the images would look best above the main content area as if hanging over it. We also liked the idea of pulling key phrases from the content to give the user a brief idea of what the page was about. These headers also balancing out the site, sitting next to the hovering images.


Once we had finished sketching up ideas we started designing the site in Photoshop. We weren’t 100% happy with our original design and decided that the site needed a secondary serif font as well as another contrasting colour injected into the site to give it more depth. Once we were happy we sent over our initial website visual to the client.

papillon bleu partners website design

papillon bleu partners were very pleased with the site. However they felt that the purple / pink secondary colour wasn’t right for them and felt orange or red may be more suitable. They also felt that the services navigation was a little lost and requested that it really drew the users attention. papillon bleu partners really liked the headers and decided that they would use some famous quotes here instead of some body copy.

We worked on the requested amendments and presented the client with a new visual and the feedback was very positive. The secondary orange colour was bold and worked well with the new quotes, a heading on the services nav was also added to draw the users attention.


The Build

The client wanted the ability to publish blogs and news with ease and to edit the website content copy. We decided WordPress would be the best platform to use for the site. We wanted to ensure as much of the website was editable as possible so we used a range of custom fields enabling the client to edit the header quotes and images on the range of pages.

The site went live in the beginning of June and Paul Church from papillon bleu partners commented, “We are all very happy with the site, good work!!”

Please do take a look at the papillon bleu website and let us know your thoughts – www.papillonbleupartners.com

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Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 10:31 am
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