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Design and Development of the SharpEdge Marketing website

SharpEdge website design

SharpEdge Marketing is a complete marketing agency, offering marketing consultancy, marketing training and mentoring, marketing project management and copywriting. SharpEdge specialise in marketing services for business-to-business companies, medium-sized businesses, manufacturing businesses, and companies in the construction industry.

The Brief

The main objective of the SharpEdge Marketing website was to create a positive web presence for the company. SharpEdge wrote an excellent brief for us and some of the items on the wish list were:

  • Original design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Quick to ¬†load
  • Easy to read / scan
  • A showcase for all four services provided
  • Demonstrate a portfolio / experience / qualifications / style
  • Include blog / news
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Clear ‘Call to actions’ throughout

The client had highlighted some important points and we set to work checking out competitors and researching their market (- it’s the clients market, not the client this site must appeal too).

The Design

The client wanted their site to look professional and authoritative as well as approachable and friendly. The client had already envisaged using pencils as their theme for imagery, so this teamed up with the logo colours started to build a picture for us.

We drew out two wireframes of possible website designs. We really liked the dramatic header of Wireframe 1, however we felt that even though the navigation was in the header (so the user instantly knew what the company does) the user had to scroll to the bottom of the site for the contact details in the footer . Wireframe 2 maybe didn’t have the huge impact from the banner, but this layout did allow contact details within the header but also the news and survey sections to be included in the main content area and not be hidden in the footer. The service banners were also highly visible in line with the header image. We decided that Wireframe no. 2 was the most practical and user friendly option and decided to turn this layout into a website design concept.

Wireframe 1

SharpEdge website design wireframe 1Wireframe 2

SharpEdge website design wireframe 2

Now we had a wireframe in place we wanted to design a distinctive and bold design for the client which would work well with their pencil imagery. As you know we love creating a sense of depth in website design so created a left hand column which looked raised, highlighting the navigation.

SharpEdge Website design original visual

The client was pleased with the finished website design and as you can see from the visual below there only were a handful of amends.

SharpEdge final website design visual

The Build

The SharpEdge Website was to be built using WordPress. This was due to it’s easy to use CMS, allowing the client to update copy and easily publish news and blogs. The build went smoothly, as you would expect from a WordPress site! However, we did hit a minor stumbling block with the survey as the client required the ability to change the survey and upload it to the homepage. We got over this by using the WP Polls plugin to manage the survey and then the client was able to change the survey using a widget.

SharpEdge Website design WordPress WP PollsLive

The SharpEdge Marketing website went live at the beginning of the year and looks great (if we do say so ourselves!). Annette Harpham Owner of SharpEdge comments “Wow – I’m blown away thank you.”

So what do you think of the site – www.sharpedgemarketing.co.uk? Have we stuck to the design objectives of being authoritative and professional whilst friendly and approachable?

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