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Design and Development of The VW Camper Van Blog Website and Logo Design

As you are probably well aware over here at eightyone design we have a huge passion for VW campervans. We have written a couple of articles on them (When should a graphic designer stop designing? and VW campervan logo designs) and love to tinker with our own VW T25 Camper Van. We had been thinking of creating a blog solely dedicated to our hobby enabling us to write endless articles about various events we attend, camping, plans for our van as well as featuring other peoples vehicles. We finally launched www.vwcampervanblog.com last month and we are really pleased with the overall look as well as how it has been received by the VW Community. In this article we outline the design process we went through to design the blog and where we drew inspiration from. 

Overall Style

We decided upon a vintage / retro theme as the blog would feature all different vans from 1950’s and 1960’s splitties through 1970’s Bay Window Vans and also the more modern VW camper vans. 

Logo Design

We started at the beginning – with the logo design. Knowing we were after a retro feel we hit the usual inspiration hot spots such as Flickr. We found some great examples of vintage and retro drinks signs aswell as petrol / oil signs which we really liiked and seemed to suit the subject matter really well.

VW Campervan Blog logo design inspiration

VW Campervan Blog logo design inspiration

VW Campervan Blog logo design inspiration

VW Campervan Blog logo design inspiration

VW Campervan Blog logo design inspiration

There are some great Flickr Groups on this subject:

Vintage Soft Drink Signs
Vintage Texaco
Vintage Soda Labels

Taking inspiration from the above logos we developed several different logo design concepts in similar styles but decided on the logo below. Several different colours optons were played around with but we both felt it worked best with cream and blue as it felt retro yet clean and crisp. 

VW Campervan Blog logo

Website Design

We found an excellent blog post over at Smashing Magazine featuring a range of retro websites. There was certainly plenty to get us inspired! Many of the interiors of campervans feature vintage fabric patterns and we knew we wanted to utilise this in the design.

We also were itching to encorporate textures in the website design to create a layered effect giving the design some depth. We love the canvas material we found and felt it added to the vintage upholstery feel we were trying to acheive.

For the other elements on the page we wanted a distressed look as though they were printed on the canvas. This was achieved using several different layers combined with blending modes.

VW Campervan Blog sack text

We liked the idea of using Polaroid’s to display the first image of the post to further the personal feel of the site and make images look a little more retro. 

VW Campervan Blog polaroid

Overall we are really pleased with the blog design and feel that it has a simple vintage style which is reminisent of the VW Camper Vans and the era from which they came. It was both fun and challenging to design for ourself without having any client input. It also allowed us to explore some techniques and styles which we have not yet been able to use on client projects.

VW Campervan Blog website

So what do you think? Do you like the overall look of the blog? Do you like vintage / retro style design? Or do you prefer something a bit more clean and simple?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2008 at 1:42 pm
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7 Responses to “Design and Development of The VW Camper Van Blog Website and Logo Design”

  • I like it! The vintage design works well. I also think it’s interesting that Sprite used to have matches!

  • Steve says:

    Thanks James,

    I was also surprised about the matches when I found the image. It’s really interesting looking at all these old logos and adverts – I love them!


  • Great work, I love retro things, I’m completely addicted to it. I have to restrain myself from writing about retro stuff all the time on my blog.

    You will probably really enjoy my recent blog about a great company I found called Trolley Car Diner – http://www.trulyace.com/blog/design-inspiration/outstanding-sme-branding/

    They have a fab retro logo and are generally branded ear to ear, their website, their diner interior, everything, they display really impressive dedication to their brand image.

  • Yeah the retro thing really does it for me aswell. Good website lots of nice images!

  • Steve says:


    Sorry for the delay in replying! I just found we had not replied to your comment so I apologise!

    I know what you mean, we too could write about retro things all the time! Love the Trolley Car Branding and interiors – very cool! Thanks for the link.

    Wakefield Van Hire,

    Thanks for your comment and you kind words. If you like retro website designs you might want to check this out – some very cool vintage and retro website designs!


  • I love the retro look. Good design job! 😀

  • Lu says:

    Glad you like the logo and website design, we are particularly pleased and it was great fun to work on!

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