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Design and Development of Usher Furniture logo

Usher Furniture Logo Design

Usher Furniture is a high end furniture retailer based in Torquay South Devon. They asked us to develop a logo for them which encompasses the high quality of the furniture, their fast delivery times and their reasonable prices. As you can see we gasped when we saw what a task we had. The rule of thumb is usually choose two – low price, high quality, quick delivery not all three!

We got down to some research, local companies with high end furniture were using serif fonts in their logos, so to highlight Usher Furniture were positioning themselves in the cheaper end of the market we decided a san serif font would be appropriate. Also, as part of our research we visited the client and commented on the fact that the furniture had a chunky and solid feel which we felt needed to be reflected in the logo.


We had an idea of which fonts would be appropriate for the logo but needed to come up with a mark which would represent fast delivery and high quality. We start with a pen and paper just as we do all projects!

Usher Furniture Logo Design Sketches

Once we have exhausted our ideas we then choose our favourite designs to be created on the computer.

Logo Design #1

Usher Furniture Logo Design 1

Logo 1 uses the initials from the company name “U” and “F”. The mark made up by the “U” and “F” is bold and strong emphasising the solid build of the furniture. The curves on the tops of the arms of the “U” makes the mark look contemporary.

The rounded lower case font again helps to create a very modern looking logo, the san serif indicating that the furniture is affordable.

The colours are very cool, which gives connotations of a professional, speedy service.

As the layout of the logo is shallow this would work well on a website, however when reduced to a small size, this is the logo concept with the least visibility.

Overall this logo encompasses the idea of a professional, contemporary company with quality goods and as there is no furniture representation used within the logo itself you are not limited to a particular type of furniture.

Logo Design #2

Usher Furniture Logo Design 2

Logo 2 uses two small tables to re-create the “H” of “USHER”.

The strong, bold, uppercase lettering again portrays the solid build of the furniture and the upper case lettering really emphasises this. Again, the san serif font indicates that the furniture is affordable.

The earthy, contemporary colours reflect the high quality of the furniture.

The layout of the logo is well balanced so the logo stands out when reduced to a small size.

Overall logo 2 projects the idea of quality, solid furniture and the use of the table like iconography represents the company in its industry.

Logo Design #3

Usher Furniture Logo Design 3

Logo 3 utilises the “U” of “USHER” and resembles a table, the adjoining table symbolises the how the furniture works together as a set with various pieces available. It also helps to emphasise the sold nature of the furniture’s construction with the interconnecting nature of the mark portraying strength.

The strong uppercase font also helps to represent the solid build of the furniture whilst also being affordable.

The charcoal colour is very bold and stands out, whilst the calming green is contemporary and chic.

Again, the layout of the logo is well balanced so the logo stands out when reduced to a small size.

Overall, logo 3 again projects the idea of high quality, solid furniture and the use of the table / “U” anchors the logo to a furniture company. However, the shallow font on this logo almost gives it a lower cost feel, so would work well if you want to promote the idea that the furniture is good value.

Logo Design and Development

The client really liked logo 3. They liked the font, mark and colour – bingo! However, they weren’t too sure about the layout of the logo. We came up with various layouts for them to peruse.

Usher Furniture Logo Design layout

After the client had chosen a layout they felt that the grey wasn’t strong enough and decided on a black.

Usher Furniture final logo design

What do you think of the logo? Did the client choose the best concepts?

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