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Design development for Wakeham Asbestos

Back in February we were approached by Wakeham, a new company in the asbestos industry who offers training and consultancy. The company required a full set of branding as well as brochure and website.

As with every design project, we start at the beginning – the logo. They felt that their industry was particularly male dominated and wanted a logo which was strong and bold yet quite simple. After an initial discussion we concluded that the logo could center around these themes:

  1. Utilise the “W” of the company name
  2. Focus on the “A” in the company name highlighting Asbestos
  3. Use the three strands of the business (training, management and surveying)
  4. Focus on some imagery or representation of asbestos

Other than requiring a strong, bold logo, Wakeham didn’t have any other specific requirements in mind. The logo was to be used online as well as brochures, stationary, invoices etc, therefore it had to work on all types of media. ¬†

Stage 1 – Sketching

We started by utilising the “W” of the company name combining it with shapes representative of the three strands of the business¬†(training, management and surveying). A lot of time was spent sketching “W” type shapes. We wanted the logo to look contemporary as our research had shown that competitor logos were very dated, we therefore needed something different, something fresh and alive. However, we were also aware that the logo had to appeal to a B2B market as well as B2C so therefore had to look somewhat corporate.

Initial design idea sketches for the Wakeham Asbestos Logo

Once again we combined the three strands of the business concept when focussing on the “A” in the company name. As Wakeham are a consultancy we liked the idea that they can handle all aspects of your project and so developed several umbrella type designs.

Initial design idea sketches for the Wakeham Asbestos Logo

It’s easy to get carried away when you are designing and creating a logo and once we looked over the logo’s we decided to present the following concepts:

Wakeham logo's - presented to client

The client immediately liked one of the logos. They did have a few minor adjustments to the tracking of the text and the corporate blue colour so we experimented with both these aspects.

Wakeham logo in a range of colours and tracking

From the logo the stationary was then developed. This was quite a seamless leap and the logo transfered well to the letterheads, compliment slips and business cards.

Wakeham logo developed the branding and stationary

We then started work on the brochure, Wakeham supplied all textual content as well as a rough layout. They wanted the brochure to be simple and easy to read and as there was a lot of textual content we decided to break the layout into sections. We ensured the contact information was repeated on the brochure so people could find it without too much trouble.

Wakeham brochure - front cover

Wakeham brochure- inside pages

Wakeham had few minor text adjustments with the brochure, but overall they were happy with the design and the corporate branding that was emerging.

Using the style of the brochure we created a simple, clean website. Again the contact information is repeated on every page, allowing users to get in contact easily.

wakeham website

This was a great project as the client had some initial guidelines and ideas and knew a lot about their market and who they were trying to target. However, they also gave us enough free rein to explore other possibilities and ideas.

So what does everyone think? Did Wakeham Asbestos choose the right branding? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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