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Design of the Connor website

Connor website

Connor provides practical outplacement services to businesses across the UK. Their consultants are outplacement specialists and/or HR Directors; enabling them to provide insights from ‘both sides of the fence’ as recruiters and as hiring managers.

We have been working with Connor’s developing their selection of literature for several years now. They decided that this was the year they would overhaul their website. The page structure and wireframes were created by their marketing manager and it was down to us to design a site which incorporated the branding from their brochures and adhered to the wireframes.

The Design

A lot of the research for this project was already completed in creating the print branding for Connor’s brochures, but it never hurts to check out what the competitors are doing and to ensure there is nothing missing from the wireframes.

We got stuck in by going through each of the various brochures (which of course are all very similar) and clearly identified the colours we wanted to use as well as the shapes and imagery. We then set to sketching out the website, which was relatively easy thanks to the wireframes. We wanted to give the site a sense of depth which you can’t always depict in print media, but only a subtle sense so there would still be a clear link back to their brochures.

Connor website sketch

Once we were happy with the sketches we re-created the website design visual in Photoshop. We were pleased with the concept so sent it over to the client for their feedback.

Connor website visual


Connor were really happy with the site and agreed that it not only worked well with their brochures but the site almost leaped out at you (which was the sense of depth we were after). They also commented that the design was very inviting. However, next to the crispness of the graphics they felt their imagery looked a little dated. So, we set to looking for other images which could be placed into the header. Unfortunately Connor weren’t too sure about these either so we decided upon creating an illustrative header, this header was to be based on some of the original imagery.

Connor website visual

Connor were really pleased with the illustrations but felt that some of the colours were too bold, so we toned down the colour choice for the headers and Connor happily signed off the site.

Connor website visual


We built the basic html homepage and sub page as well as the CSS for the Connor site. As the site was intended to be tied into a large CMS system, the overall website build was outsourced to local programmers Ayrmer.


The site went live early this year and has received a wealth of positive comments! Sam Gilson Marketing Manager at Connor comments – “Thank you for all your hard work, the site looks great!”

Please do take a look at the site and let us know your thoughts – www.connor.co.uk

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