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Development of ipad presentation for Sample Mills & Co

Sample Mills ipad presentation design

Sample Mills & Co is an Independent Estate Agents formed in 2009 and has quickly built up a reputation for selling all different types of properties in the Newton Abbot and surrounding areas.

Sample Mills is known for keeping up to date with the latest IT Technology and felt that a presentation delivered via ipad would be a god way to introduce themselves to potential clients as it portrayed the type of estate agents they were – forward thinking, professional and flexible.


The client didn’t have a set corporate identity in place so we set to work researching competitors and seeing what was in the marketing place before we got started. We also brainstormed all the key words the brand identity should represent:

  • Many years of experience
  • Bespoke service
  • Professional
  • Friendly and flexible
  • All under one roof
  • Forward thinking

We began by discussing some ideas and concepts. The two initial concepts we liked were really coming from tow different angles.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

Sample Mills separates itself from the market place through its experience and bespoke service. We wanted the idea of a ‘tailor made service’ to be reflected in the branding, so we created a range of bespoke illustrations. These hand drawn illustrations exude connotations of personal service, bespoke approach and tailor made touch.

ipad presentation designipad presentation illustration designPeople Photography

This concept centres around the idea of aspirations. The imagery in the branding is very people focussed allowing the client to relate to the imagery. The photography incorporates people, sold signs and ‘moving out’ imagery, so the link is made between Sample Mills and selling their home. As the logo is rectangular we wanted to use some curves for a more dynamic feel. This also causes the logo to stand out.

ipad presentation photography designipad presentation photography design

We always make the client aware that the colours, fonts, illustrations, photographs in the concepts can all be amended and changed and at this stage should be looked at as a starting point rather than a finished concept.

We also applied each of the styles to a brochure to ensure the corporate identity would carry across in to different forms of media.

Illustration brochure design

Illustration brochure design

Photo brochure designPhoto brochure design


The client felt that the hand drawn illustrations may look a little unprofessional and not something recognised by clients in their industry. However, they really liked the photography concept and felt that this would be the corporate identity which would most appeal to their clients.

After a few copy amends and making the size of the logo larger the ipad presentation was complete. The presentation was installed on to the company iPads allowing them to “swoosh” through each of the slides seamlessly.

Tim Sample commented “We are really pleased with the presentation – it looks great!”

What do you think of the ipad presentation? Do you think the client chose the best concept?

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