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Eightyone Design Christmas Cards 2011


Well I can’t believe it is that time of year and Christmas is once again knocking on our door! As such, we have been hard at working developing our Eightyone Design Christmas Cards.

Over the last few years we have developed a theme for our Christmas cards using our Eightyone Design branding as a basis for some festive imagery. In 2008 we created a bauble based design which looked a little something like this:


Our ‘Joy’ Christmas card design followed in 2009:


… and in 2010 we opted for a Christmas Pudding design:


2011 – The year of the snowflake!

This year we’ve adapted the Eightyone Design Christmas card to using our branding to symbolize snowflakes:


Christmas Card Design 2011 - Eightyone Design, Paignton, Devon

Christmas Card Design 2011 - Eightyone Design, Paignton, Devon

Christmas Card Design 2011 - Eightyone Design, Paignton, Devon

This year we have also incorporated a QR (Quick Response) code within our Christmas Card design which links mobile users back to this very article (welcome if you have ended up here after using the QR code!). To customize the code, we edited the area inside the QR code (which isn’t integral to the scanning process) to add an extra piece of Christmas cheer – a tree!

We love an adaptable logo and it seems we have that in the Eightyone Design logo. The simple, yet distinct shape is flexible enough to re-create many a Christmas theme! What do you think of this years and previous years Eightyone Christmas card designs? Have you designed your own Christmas cards? If so we would love to see them!

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Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at 8:09 pm
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