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Even more graphic design geek items!

Design Geeks - iPhone Fingers

Back in May 2009 we posted some geeky items that all graphic designers would like. Then, in September we followed this up with even more! And I bet you all thought we’d shown you all the geekiest items available to you, well after scouring the web (and some great suggestions from our readers) we have another post full of them! They just keep coming!

iPhone App Fridge Magnets

Design Geeks iPhone App Fridge Magnets

Pantone Printed Leather Chair

Design Geeks - Pantone Leather Chair

Printing Toast

Design Geeks - Printing Toast

iPod Bedding

Design Geeks - iPod Bedding

iPod Earphone Pendants

Design Geeks - iPod Earphones Pendant

Phone Fingers

Design Geeks - iPhone fingers


Design Geeks - iSoap


Design Geeks BookBook

iPod Nano Cassette Cases

Design Geeks - iPod Nano Cassette Case

App T-shirt

Design Geeks - App T-Shirt

Photoshop Magnet Kit

Design Geeks - Photoshop Magnet Kit

Lego Star Wars Foosball

Design Geeks - Lego Star Wars Foosball

Start Up Mug

Design Geeks - Start Up Mug

Thanko USB Warm Gloves

Design Geeks - Thanko USB Warm Gloves


Design Geeks - NotePod

So what do you think of the design geek items then? Geek Chic? The printing toaster is the one for me, can you imagine having someone over for breakfast and getting that out? They will think you are ‘too cool for school’!!

Don’t forget to let us know if you spot any great geeky graphic design items out there.

What’s you favourite from the list above?

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Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 10:07 am
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