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Exchange Site Logo Design and Development

Exchange Site final logo design

The Exchange Site is an incredibly easy to use, reasonably priced, classifieds website. Their refined search results can pin point goods and services specifically for you with incredible accuracy.

The Exchange Site invited us to design a new logo. The logo needed to be eye catching, bold and have an authoritative edge whilst also retaining a welcoming and informal feel.

Initial Sketches

After we discussed the logo design at length with our client we moved on to research the industry to ensure we can create a logo design which stands out from competitors.

Before we get too comfortable at the computer we start sketching various logo design concepts and when our pencil becomes a mere nib we know it’s time to choose the strongest designs and re-create them in Illustrator.

Logo Design 01

Echange Site logo design 1

Logo 1 draws inspiration from the “X” in exchange. We explored the idea of arrows pointing to your search results. Using the “X” seems a good choice for a mark as it denotates “X marks the spot” which again emphasises the accuracy in the search results. The use of the two arrows also represents the buyer and seller being brought together.

This mark works well when reduced to a small size and also works as a stand alone icon.

The “bubble like” lower case font is particularly informal, friendly and welcoming and the sans serif font is easy to read and bold.

Logo Design 02

Exchange Site logo design 2

Logo 2 uses the concept of exchange using the “E” from the company name. The arrows within the “E’’ highlight the buyer and seller exchanging goods. The particularly bold mark works well as a stand alone icon and looks good when reduced to a small size.

The gently curved edges on the font are contemporary, whilst the sans serif and lower case lettering are easy to read, informal and friendly.

Logo Design 03

Exchange Site logo design 3

Logo 3 uses the concept of “pin pointing” – this emphasises the advanced methods used to refine the users search results with ‘pin point’ accuracy.

Like logo design 2, the gently curved edges on the font are contemporary, whilst the sans serif and lower case lettering are easy to read, informal and friendly. Also, as with all the concepts, the mark works well as an icon and works at a small size.

Logo Choice and Development

The client really liked logo design number 2, we worked on some variations of the copy, layout and colour:

Exchange Site logo design concepts

The client decided that the font, layout and colour of the original logo concept was their favourite. However, they liked the full length strapline and wanted further experimentation with the tracking as well as position of the mark:

Exchange Site logo concepts

The final logo design was chosen (number 2 from above) and both the client and ourselves are thrilled with the results.

Exchange Site final logo design

What are your thoughts on the final Exchange site logo design? Which concept would you have chosen?

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