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Helpful WordPress Plugins

Wordpess website design easing slider plugin

Way back in 2009 we wrote a blog about WordPress hacks and plugins. Since then we have built up a catalogue of plugins we use to enhance WordPress websites. We all know the usual plugins to improve SEO and backup databases. The plugins below are practical plugins which have allowed us to address clients needs and requests.

Cookie Consent

Wordpress website design cookie plugin

The Cookie Consent plugin addresses the recent changes in EU Regulations. The user is presented with non obtrusive notification that the site uses cookies and is asked to click to find out more or dismiss the message and close it.

Check out the Cookie Consent Plugin

Google Calendar Events

Google Calendar Events Plugin

Google Calendar Events allows you to pull through events from your Google Calendar through onto your website. You can request how many events and how much information to show (ie date, event title, time, finish).

Check out the Google Calendar Events Plugin

Table Reloaded

Wordpress website design Table Reloaded plugin

This plugin gives you the option to add and update tables from the WordPress admin area and embed them onto a page or post of your choice.

Check out the Table Reloaded Plugin

Easing Slider

Easing Slider WordPress Plugin

Easing slider allows the user to add images to their header using a simple upload function (no code knowledge required). You can style the slider transition and upload and delete images at will.

Check out the Easing Slider Plugin


Wordpress website design flickrRSS plugin

flickrRSS pulls images through from a flickr photostream, it manages the RSS and leaves you to style the images as desired.

Check out the flickr RSS Plugin

Really Simple Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons

Facebook and Twitter Share plugin

This plugin gives you ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons at the bottom of each page allowing users to push your page onto Facebook or Twitter.

Check out the Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps

Wordpress website design Google Plugin

The plugin creates an XML sitemap which enables search engines to better index blogs.

Check out the Google XML Plugin

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools plugin

Twitter Tools pulls through your current Tweets onto the website. You can pull through as many Tweets as required and link back to your Twitter page.

Check out the Twitter Tools Plugin

Page Links to

Pages Links to plugin

This plugin gives you the option of creating a WordPress page, which links directly to another page or url. A simple but very useful plugin!

Check out the Pages Links to Plugin

WP Polls

Wordpress website design WP poll plugin

WP Polls allows WordPress site administrators to set up and manage their own surveys or polls. The plugin has many customisable options allowing multiple selections of answers and users to submit their selection only once.

Check out the WP Polls Plugin

Are there any plugins you use regularly which we have not encountered yet?

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