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How much is your logo design worth?

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Many people underestimate the importance of their logo design and think of it as an element they merely use on a website or flyer. What they don’t realise is your logo is a graphical representation of your company and can help to make or break your business. Your logo should represent your companies values, what you offer and how you deliver it.

Your logo is an embodiment of your company and can be the first thing that clients, suppliers and peers think of when they visualise your business. When you recall large corporations such as McDonalds, Coca cola, Nike and Adidas, each of their logos are clean, simple and bold and are therefore instantly recognisable.

Creating a powerful and memorable logo takes time and skill. Research needs to be undertaken before a logo is created – Who’s in the market place? What logotypes in this industry have been trademarked? What are the key services provided? What are the companies values? This research is vital for creating a logo that will blow your markets away.

Once you have these answers you need to spend more time creating a graphical or typographical representation of your business (your logo design). Every curve, every line and each typeface on the page needs to be considered and scrutinised – what messages do they give off and are they appropriate? If you don’t like the answer then you go back to the drawing board (no pun intended!).

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‘Where is this post heading?’ I hear you grumble? We’ve written in the past about our logo design process so I won’t go into the many hours, days and weeks it takes to come up with a valuable logo design. I will get straight to the point – you are not going to get this level of care and attention from a company who offers a free logo design with every website built – especially when that site is costing you £400! Equally, other than sheer luck, I cannot see how a mind blowing logo design can be created for only £200.00! For these sort of prices the ‘logo designer’ simply cannot be putting in the required time to research and develop a logo that adequately appeals to your target market. You then end up with a shabby, poor excuse for a logo design.

I’m sorry folks but a thorough and thought out logo design takes skill:

– You need to understand the principals of marketing and practically apply them

– You need to be creative – can you communicate a message visually?

– You need to be able to use the appropriate tools to create the logo files (i.e. Illustrator or a similar vector design package)

To be a master of the above takes a great deal of time and skill.

If you are now thinking ‘I’m happy with my free logo design’… great, but what about your markets? Cheap logo designs let off a stench and your clients can sniff them out a mile off. You deserve to be proud of your logo and your markets need to be impressed by it (as well as your overall brand presence).

Don’t settle! if you are reading this thinking I need a new logo design or my current logo design doesn’t come up to scratch either get in contact or find yourself a logo designer with an outstanding portfolio. Don’t just choose the cheapest designer, only your business will lose out in the end.

Some other things to consider when choosing a logo designer:

Portfoilo – For me this is the most important. If you don’t like what you see then they aren’t the designer for you. In my eyes a portfolio doesn’t need to be plentiful, it just needs to show quality.

Relationship – Can you work with this company or individual? Developing a logo for your company is a very personal project and whilst you might get on fabulously with Bill down the pub who designs logos in his spare time, can you work with him on a day to day basis? Is he professional enough to create you a logo in various file formats? Can he interpret your brief? Can you work through the amends process with him?

Cost – Of course, the bottom line is always important. After all, you don’t want to re-mortgage your house in order to have a professional looking logo design! But don’t just accept the cheapest quote you get. There is a very good reason it is the cheapest quote – they simply cannot put in the time or effort your logo design deserves.

OK, rant over! If you need a professional looking logo design, the first place to start is here, get in contact for a quote today!

Let’s hear your views, are you a ‘designer’ who gets frustrated at other companies cheapening your trade? Or have you ever been let down by a logo designer who left you with a poor logo design? Please do drop your thoughts in the comment box below.

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