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How to communicate with a client who doesn’t use email?


A strange question I know, and I bet you’re all screaming ‘Well; text, telephone, post, actually visit them.” and they’re all great answers and very true, but how easy, quick and convenient is it to email?

Already an hour behind

This all came about a month ago when a client contacted me for a logo design quote. They found us in the Yellow Pages and openly said they don’t like the internet and don’t have an email address. They do use text a lot though, so I texted through a figure with a very brief terms and conditions. Already this had taken quite a bit of time. We use a standard template now for quotes with our T’s and C’s attached and our acceptance form at the rear. It’s a streamlined procedure and doesn’t take long to execute.

10 Days behind

The quote was accepted (via a telephone call) so I sent a copy of our T’s and C’s and acceptance form (via post) which was signed and sent back to me. This took about 10 days from sending out the documents to receiving them enabling us to begin the process. This would usually take about 2 days via email.

15 Days behind

Once I had some concepts to show I printed them out and popped them in the post, it took about 5 days for the client to get back to me (via a telephone call). Sometimes when I sent concepts via email I get a response back within the hour and concrete amends in the day.

20 Days behind

Amends completed and various versions back in the post. Again another 5 days passed and I get another phone call and further amends.

25 Days behind

I repeat the process again and in another 5 days I get a sign off from a client who now is desperate for their logo.

28 Days behind

After finishing their logo I burnt the various logo files to a CD (we provide .eps .ai .jpg and .gif) and popped them in the post. Again this took a further 3 days to get a phone call from my client to say they’d received the files and all was well.

Email’s just quicker

It’s not that the client was dragging their heals by any means and they were responding to visuals as soon as they got them, but if they had email it would have been so much quicker. Not just quicker but better for the environment as there would have been less printing and more cost effective as money was spent on postage, printing, CD’s, petrol getting to the post office…..

I moan about spam and only being able to send 10MB, but I vow never to moan about any aspect of email communication again. It’s quick, cheap and convenient and I love it.

Have you ever had to communicate with someone who doesn’t have email or use the internet? Have you had to go out of your way to communicate with someone?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 at 9:51 am
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4 Responses to “How to communicate with a client who doesn’t use email?”

  • Janee says:

    Yes, I have had similar experiences. It’s very frustrating!

  • You are so right!

    I once had a client who was afraid of the internet, and it was his wife that told him he had to get into it. Fortunately, he lived locally so the only way to get any joy out of him was to do the whole process face to face, but it still was far more time consuming and expensive than if he had been internet savvy.

    However, it is interesting to note that this is how solicitors still work!

  • Lu says:

    Hi Janee – You’re right it is very frustrating!

    Hi David – Face to face is a great way to grow a strong relationship, but as you said it is just so time consuming!

    It’s great to find that we are not alone and there are others with similar experiences! Thanks for sharing Janee and David.

  • Ingo Neitzke says:

    Yes, I have had similar experience.
    Lu, Janee, David, which guide for good Mail Style and Etiquette, we can recommend such people?

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