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I didn’t know Santa played rugby?

Santa suit design rugby shirt - Eightyone Design, Paignton, Devon

Now I wouldn’t mess with a rugby player and I think that’s why they can wear all these outrageous shirt designs… no-one would ever dare question their loud choice of attire!

This years WBR addition is a sublimated ‘Santa Suit’ rugby shirt design based around the idea of ‘North Pole RFC’ which wraps around the front and back.

As always we begin the design process with research and even though we were drawing such a famous suit we still had a conflict of ideas, does Father Christmas’s suit have buttons down the front or fur lining? Is the belt brown or black and does it have pockets? We concluded fur, black and no (he doesn’t need pockets… he’s magical!!!).

This lead us to this design:

Santa Suit Design - Eightyone Design, Paignton, DevonAs is always the case with sublimated clothing designs, the artwork has to wrap around the shirt and meet perfectly at the seams. Working closely with the manufacturer the artwork was split in to separate panels which would create the desired effect when manufactered.

Santa Suit Artwork - Eightyone Design, Paignton Devon

Both ourselves and client were really pleased with the final design, the vibrant colour and crisp lines look smashing and it’s a great bit of fun for all rugby players over the festive period.

Santa Rugby Shirt Design

What do you think of our Santa rugby shirts? Would you wear one over the Christmas period?

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Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 at 11:48 am
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  • Lee Armitage says:


    Where can I get one of these shirts they look great.

    Would make a great christmas eve shirt for work on nights



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