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Illustration – Munch and Crunch

Munch and Crunch character design, illustration

It feels great to have the honour of bringing clients marketing ideas and designs come to life. Our latest creation was ‘Munch and Crunch’, a pair of characters designed to encourage children at the Smile Dental Centre in Exeter to take care of their teeth.

An initial sketch was supplied by Smile and we were asked to bring the characters to life. We focussed on the child apples and omitted the Mum apple and the sign.

Munch and Crunch character design, initial sketch

Illustrator was our weapon of choice for this task. We re-drew the characters shaping the girl apples face to more of an oval and rounding off the boy apples face to appear broader. We also added two leaves to the girls stork to resemble a bow as well as eyelashes.

We created two variations of the design. One with gradients giving the characters more of a deeper, 3D effect and the other with blocks of darker or lighter colour to give the design depth.

Munch and Crunch character design, illustration with gradientsMunch and Crunch character design, illustration with flat colour

Smile decided that the non-gradient version was their preference as it was ‘sharper’. We also created a four colour version of the characters that could be applied various pieces of merchandise.

Munch and Crunch character design, illustration 4 colour

Overall we are really pleased with Munch and Crunch. We think the characters are simple yet memorable. Steve Jennings Business Manager at Smile commented “Thank you for creating Munch and Crunch, it has been a pleasure working with you.”

*Post Update 01/11/12*

We recently received a fantastic photo of Munch and Crunch on a Birthday Cake from Smile Dental Centre! I’m sure you’ll agree it looks delicious!

Munch and Crunch character design

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Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 9:58 am
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