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Infographics – Fad or Future?

Infographics design

I recently received some data from a client that could only be adequately described as a series of bullet points. I, however, thought that the stats could be displayed in a more interesting way, bringing the information to life and bringing the importance of the stats to the forefront. I’ve completed infographics for several client now and this isn’t a particularly original idea, infographics seem to be everywhere. There’s no chance for ‘death by bullet points’ anymore it’s death by infographics! But are these infographics a design fad at the moment like glossy buttons and heavily textured websites or are they here to stay?

What are Infographics?

Infographics are graphical representations of information or data and they’ve been around for donkeys years right under our noses. Road signs, maps, pie charts etc are all infographics we see and digest every day. The point of infographics is to present information in a clear way ensuring it’s absorbed quickly.

Infographics – Just a Fad

Even though infographics have been around since cave man times I feel like I’ve been inundated with lists of ’20 most creative infographics’ and ’30 most inspirational infographics’, and I’m starting to wonder is it just a design fad and soon enough will it be tossed in the design dustbin along with rough textured edges and wood grain? Will it be a matter of time before the bullet point brigade are invading our documents again?

Infographics – Here to stay

I’ve started to wonder if blogging is dead (but that’s another blog post), with the emergence of Twitter and Micro Blogging does anyone have the concentration to sit and read through a whole blog post – I mean that’s, like, possibly 500 words? 140 characters is enough to get a point across right? Of course I’m kidding. I believe users still have the attention span for blogs if they are engaging, but in the same breath I believe that our attention span is decreasing and a list of bullets to demonstrate facts and figures isn’t good enough. A clear, informative and vibrant infographic however does hold ones attention and can bring the fact home in a memorable way.

I believe that infographics are here to stay, but in a more noticeable way. Infographics are here to rid us of lists and bring information to life. We consume so much data and if corporations want us to notice and divulge their information they’ve got to present it in the most vibrant and eye catching way. Now I’m not saying they’re here to stay forever in their current form, but I do believe that more care and attention will be put into presenting information from now on.

No post on infographics would be complete without some links to those inspirational infographic list articles:

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What do you think of infographics? Are they just a fad or are they here to stay?

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Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012 at 10:02 am
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3 Responses to “Infographics – Fad or Future?”

  • Interesting post. I like infographics – from a marketing point of view they are particularly useful if you’re communicating with an audience which thinks in a more visual way – so arguably they’re a tool which might suit some audiences better than others. Actually a lot of the traditional business and marketing models are infographics, if you think about it – take Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as one just random example. What annoys me about some infographics I see, however, is that they aren’t really infographics – they’re essentially bullet points and charts with a pretty picture behind them – and personally I don’t think that’s the point. The picture should tell the story in itself – otherwise surely we’re back to bullet points with a bit of supporting design…!

  • I am not a massive fan of info graphics, but think the power of great graphic design – like what you do 😉 – can be awesome. I particularly like what Cognac (http://www.cognac.co.uk/) do and there tag lines sums it up; communicate anything in ten minutes™.

    Having said that HTML5 allows designers and developers alike to create dynamic dashboards that use live data in much the same way info graphics do and I certainly think this brings them alive!

  • Lu says:

    Hi Annette – I completely agree! The whole point of infographics is that they should communicate the message not be the supportive design prettying it up!

    Hi Charlie – Pleased to hear you’re a fan of great graphic design! I sometimes think the power of infographics is that you don’t realise that you’re looking at them – like the information presented in dashboards. They are indeed infographics as they are presenting data in graphical format, however, we are so used to reading pie and flow charts we don’t always directly link them to infographics – we just take them for granted.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Annette and Charlie.


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