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Mr Cameron doesn’t support British Designers


This topic has been blogged and tweeted a plenty over the last couple of days but I felt so enraged I had to put in my two pence worth too. I doubt I’ll add anything new or thought provoking to the industry battering Mr C is getting from us logo designers but boy I’ll feel better at the end of it.

If you don’t know what I am talking about I’ll fill you in. “Start Up Britain” is a new Government backed initiative to help new businesses get off the ground. This is super news and I have no problem with this what so ever. The website gives you 4 top tips to get your business started, the fourth being “Create a logo”. Once again, I have no problem with this and in fact I’m glad it’s recognised as an important step when launching a new business. However, when you click on “Create a logo” it takes you to 99designs, a US based crowd sourcing website where designers bid to get design work, resulting in a cheapening of the industry and just dreadful design work. So, to sum up I am not too pleased with Mr C as not only is he pushing potential work abroad, he is also pushing the logo design industry into the ground.

Bearing all this in mind I’d like to send this to David:

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hope you and the family are well. You were very good on Comic Relief, I would like to have seen you and JLS “boomshake” as Gordon Brown did, maybe next time? (**polite talk over**)

I am writing regarding what I can only describe as the right royal cock up that is “Start Up Britain”. Don’t get me wrong the overall scheme is fab and I hope it does well (it isn’t a complete write off), but as for sending any new “Start Up” over to the US of A for a logo design seems a bit ridiculous to me (did you know that 99designs is an American company? The dollar signs on the homepage does give it away). I know we all had VE day type street parties when we heard the recession is over but as far as I’m aware I don’t believe our economy is exactly booming? Maybe, just maybe we should probably be keeping any potential business within this great nation?

OK, so I’ll let you off and assume you didn’t realise 99designs was based in America (pound, dollar, euro, I’m sure they all look the same to you). What I can’t let you off is how you appear to have no respect whatsoever for the logo design and graphic industry. 99design is a place where anyone can offer poor, soulless, cheap design work at practically no cost. This for a hard working logo designer who only wants the best for their clients is a kick in the teeth.

Don’t panic, gather up the cabinet as I have a solution for you. Instead of linking to 99designs why not link to a page of tips of how “Start Ups” can go about finding a professional and reliable local (well within the UK at least) graphic designer who can help them with their business needs. Some of these tips could include:

  • Portfolio – make sure they have completed work which not only pleases your eye but you believe would please your market.
  • References – why not give some of their previous clients a call and see what they have to say about them?
  • Recommendation – A great way of finding a good designer is through asking local businesses who they’ve used. Get yourself down to a local networking event and get mingling.

These are just a few to start you off, but if you’d like me to create a full list for you I’d be happy to come over for a bit of tea and a chat – you can invite the cabinet if you like.

Kind regards,


How do you all feel about “Start Up Britain” promoting 99designs? What do you think should be in it’s place? What are your top tips for finding a good graphic designer?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 10:25 am
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2 Responses to “Mr Cameron doesn’t support British Designers”

  • Gareth Coxon says:

    It’s pretty disgusting that this has happened and although they have replaced the main the link, they are still pointing to it elsewhere. I’ve written a blog post on the subject, here’s my main point …

    “To say I felt angry and let down is an understatement. 99Designs is US based company that uses designers from all over the world in a largely unpaid competition format. It’s disgraceful and extremely disappointing to see StartUp‘BRITAIN’ supporting a US based design site. Rather than supporting British designers! Isn’t design what Britain do well, in fact extremely well especially for a country of our size?

    It’s all very disappointing and short sighted. There’s another blog post needed to explain the problems I have with crowd sourced sites but basically Start Up Britain is suggesting that if you are looking to start a business in Britain, you should use US or mainly over seas designers to do the work.”

  • Lu says:

    Hi Gareth,

    It is pretty disgusting really. You’ve summed your main point up very well. Looming forward to reading your post with problems with crowd sourced sites!

    Thanks for commenting!


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