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We all stand back in awe when we see a particularly fine piece of design and the creator usually receives a great deal of credit for their masterpiece, whether it be illustration, animation or graphic design. Everyone likes this type of jaw dropping design work, it’s inspiring and exciting.

Even us designers forget that design is all around us and take for granted the time and effort that goes into the design work that isn’t as jaw dropping, sexy or exciting. Every time we read something that flows well or flick through a book that we can navigate with ease, we are enjoying good design work that we don’t give any credit to. Magazine layout, telephone directories, NHS leaflets, technical documents etc.. they are all important documents, and it is important to get the design right, but do we give the mac operators, the layout artists, magazine production artists a pat on the back? No, it’s very rare that these designers get the respect and recognition they deserve.

Many people enter the design industry through these jobs, taking on tasks that no one else wants, but this does allow them to gain important experience before climbing the ladder or making their next move. However, these types of positions can’t always be given to beginners and many require skilled and experienced art workers. Although these jobs may result in low satisfaction levels, they usually result in a higher wage.

It’s vital for all designers to have a sense of purpose. It’s this drive that sets us apart from other industries – the need to be creative. Whether this creative drive is kept alive through personal and private work or realising how important and valuable this ‘necessary’ type of design is within the design community.

We all dream of creating exciting animations for MTV and beautiful illustrations for Nike, it’s important to have aspirations, whether you are a artworker or art director.

Always remember why you are there in the first place and why you are so valuable. By doing jobs that need doing and that need doing as well as possible. So next time you look at the yellow pages, the auto trader or even a copy of Heat magazine, take a minute to marvel at the precision and importance of necessary design.

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Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 9:51 pm
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