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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

We all make new years resolutions whether it be to use the gym more often, eat and drink less or to write that book we’ve always said we’d do. Here at Eightyone Design we set the same New Years Resolution we always set, to push the boundaries of graphic design and strive to create outstanding projects.

This is the time of year where companies come to Eightyone Design with their New Years Resolutions, we’ve listed the three most common and why you should carry these out and not have them lingering for 2009!

1. To finally sort out my logo

Are you still using that logo you created yourself using clip art? You thought it was alright when you first launched your business but since creating it your company has grown and your now a little embarrassed about your corporate identity. Many clients come to Eightyone Design with this exact problem. Your logo represents your business and is the first thing that comes to mind when clients and suppliers think of you. As well as following the usual logo rules (see previous blog for more details on these) you should be proud and confident about your logo. If you find yourself in a similar boat with your logo why not get in contact with Eightyone Design and let us create you a shiny new corporate identity for you for 2008.

2. To Create or Improve my Website

Is creating a website on your new years resolution list? A website is a definite for most businesses now a days. Websites allow potential customers to view your services and credentials, they act as another communication channel and most clients expect you to have one no matter what industry you are in. Equally if you have a website which doesn’t meet web standards or is looking tired and out of date it would be worth while addressing these issues before it becomes too much of a problem. Feel free to get in contact with Eightyone Design discuss your website needs with Eightyone Design.

3. Something different

I think every client we meet here at Eightyone Design is after “something different” whether it be a different design allowing them to stand out from the crowd or a different way to communicate with existing clients. Here at Eightyone Design we have worked with many clients wanting that “little something special” and 2007 was no exception.

We have worked with St Mary’s Bakery to create in store video graphics to be placed in their bakeries promoting their celebration cakes. Eightyone has worked with Lovell Rugby (the UK’s no 1 online rugby retailer) and designed another range of World Beach Rugby t-shirts, and we are currently working on more exciting multi-media projects due for completion in 2008, all with the aim to deliver “something different”. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd in 2008, do get in contact with us here at Eightyone Design and let us create something truly unique.

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