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Our graphic design new years resolutions

Our graphic design new years resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

We always try and make new years resolutions here at eightyone design. Last year we blogged about our clients new years resolutions but this year we’ve listed a few of our own graphic design resolutions. Most of them are just bad habits we need to break, but there is no time like the present to start a fresh and wipe the slate clean!

1. Stop naming files “final” or “this-one”, or worse still “final-this-one”

2. Don’t save everything to the desktop. The desktop is clear at the moment and I intend to keep it that way! I most certainly don’t want it clogged up with any “final” or “this-one” files.

3. Keep on top of paper work! I have a bad habit of letting admin stack up resulting in a giant toppling mound casting a giant shadow in our office! This will not happen this year!

4. Keep client files tidy! I don’t know about you, but towards the end of a project the overall client folder is brimming with different files and sub folders. Once the project is complete you move on leaving a trail of chaos! Well not this year when the project is finished I intend to rummage through the file tidying away files in appropriate folders and trashing unused files so when we return to the project everything can be found with ease!

5. Launch our new website! We’ve been working on our new website over Christmas and want to launch it in the first few months of 2009! This is the one resolution we have to stick to (especially as we have told you about it now!).

6. Make more time for personal projects! Steve and I have so many uncompleted personal projects it’s hard to juggle them all (one of which we launched last year was vwcampervanblog.com). So this year we intend to make sure we put plenty of time aside to indulge in our creative hobbies.

7. Make more time for blogging! We already have regular design blogs we subscribe to and read, however it would be great to break out of the mould and read some different blogs as well as our regulars. David Airey recently blogged about the best graphic design blog posts from 2008 (in which he kindly featured one of our articles) and there are some great blogs featured that we have not read before that have been added to our RSS reader.

8. Post an article to the eightyone design blog at least once a week! Ok, so this is not actually a resolution as this is something we currently do but we intend to keep up with it!

So what graphic design new years resolutions do you have?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 at 10:05 am
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7 Responses to “Our graphic design new years resolutions”

  • Sander says:

    Sounds great Lu! Looking forward to your new design & personal projects.

    I know the feeling with file names, in my company I have 12 persons working with files of clients & projects, it used to be one big mess, now we agreed on one way of storing files and it worked!

    I don’t really have new year resolutions, but looking forward to 2009 which will be another interesting year! I always say do what do and do it good.

    Good luck.

  • “1. Stop naming files “final” or “this-one”, or worse still “final-this-one”” Haha!! So true. I used to do that all the time and now I never label anything as final.

  • lu says:

    Hi Sander,

    We are certainly looking forward to getting stuck into our personal projects and will blog about them as soon as we have something to show you!

    I can imagine that between 12 people you most certainly need a sensible file sharing and storing system. It can be tricky sometimes just between two people (but not his year!)!

    Hi James,

    Glad we made you smile! I agree, I think labeling any file as final is dooming it not be so!

    Thank you both for your comments.

  • I have over seventeen years worth of client files on CD and DVD, sometimes I despair when I have to go back to old projects. We used to delete the large picture files to save space!

    Grenville Hamlyn

  • lu says:

    Hi Grenville,

    Oh no! I can see why at the time that sounded like a good idea, I imagine you dreaded having to return to a closed project.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  • So how are the resolutions going? :-)

  • lu says:

    Not too bad actually! The only one I can’t seem to keep up is saving things to the desktop! I had another major tidy on the weekend and I know it’ll be full again in another month or so….

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