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Pattern design inspiration from Spain

We’ve just returned home after a very sunny and relaxing holiday in Spain (lucky us!) and I was inspired by the amount of gorgeous patterned tiles I saw whilst I was out there. So I’ve posted a few pics below.

Patterned tiles from Spain 01

Patterned tiles from Spain 02

Patterned tiles from Spain 03

Patterned tiles from Spain 04

I love the use of strong shapes and bold colour, I may choose one of the patterns below and evolve it into a big canvas for our office wall……now where’s my pencil……

Is it me or can you never turn off the graphic designer in you? I’ve always got my camera on me as I never know where inspiration is going to come from, our holiday is a perfect example of trying to tune out completely, however my inner designer just won’t be silenced!

Where are the unusual places you have found design inspiration from?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 8:39 pm
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