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Personal Projects: Lost Poster Design

Person projects: Lost poster design

I know personal projects are important – they stretch you creatively, they allow you that all important design freedom and they can push you in new creative directions. As a passionate graphic designer you find inspiration everywhere! However, it is hard to set aside the time a personal project needs and then there’s the dilemma of which one from the list you need to choose!

personal projects design list

What with the bad weather and nights drawing in I decided to set aside some time last winter to design some artwork for our very bare home walls. The lounge was the first room I decided was very much in need of some artwork. I had an array of ideas, but as massive fans of the hit TV show ‘Lost’ I decided I needed to pay homage. Again, loads of ideas came to the fore and lots of sketches were made.

There was one scene that really stood out to me and which I thought could make a really dramatic poster design. I also loved the Dharma Initiative logo (for non ‘Losties’, The Dharma Initiative were the organisation that resided on the island in the 70’s) so that had to be worked in to the design somewhere. The scene I chose also came with some meaningful dialogue which, again, I wanted to work into the piece. Oh, and of course no Lost poster would be complete without the ‘numbers’!

All of my personal paintings and drawings tend to experiment with composition. I quite like having a lot of action in one third of the piece and leaving the rest bare, I don’t feel the need to fill space unnecessarily. The scene I chose from ‘Lost’ was the cliffhanger to the first series where Jack and Lock blew the hatch door off and were left staring down into a deep abyss.

Lost poster design inspiration

I knew I wanted the figures to sit in the top half of the poster with the stair case giving a sense of depth to the piece. The colour choice was an easy one as our lounge is red, cream and brown! I created the poster initially in Illustrator and then bought it into photoshop for some distressing and texture adding.

Lost poster final design

Before getting the poster printed I put a couple of my other sketches onto the computer, but decided that this was my favourite, so took a visit to my local printers and framers!

Lost poster design framed

Lost poster design framed

Lost poster design framed

We are also massive fans of ‘Flight of the Concords’ and already have a poster from one of their UK gigs. But I think I want to add to this and create my own, so the next personal project will be taking a line or memorable episode and turning this into a poster design.

Flight of the Concords Poster

Do you indulge in personal projects? If so what kind of projects do you throw yourself into? What do you think of my personal homage to Lost? A bit too distressed for you? Not dramatic enough maybe? Let me know your thoughts and feedback!

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Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 4:14 pm
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2 Responses to “Personal Projects: Lost Poster Design”

  • Mark says:

    Nice, clean design. I like them alot. Think I need to force myself to make time for some of my own design/illustration projects this winter!

  • Lu says:

    Hi Mark,

    Glad you like the poster design! It’s tricky to make time for personal projects, but it’s well worth it when you discover a new technique or explore a new style…

    Thanks for stopping by!

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