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Re-working the ISOCS logo


ISOCS or the International School of Central Switzerland is a school based in Cham, not far from Zurich. The school caters for early years, primary and middle school. ISOCS’s mission is to provide excellence in international education in a supportive and secure environment.

The school heard about us through the work we carried out for the Australian International School in Sydney. The school were egar to re-vamp their logo. They really liked the idea of the mark but not the currecnt execution of it, but they weren’t happy with the layout and font.

ISOCS original logo design

The school felt the layout of the logo had emphasis on ‘Switzerland’ where they wanted the emphasis on ‘International School’.

With a nice tight brief and a current logo to work with we approached this logo re-vamp differently to a normal logo re-design. The research was already completed by the school and they were nearly there with their logo, they just needed a hand getting over the finish line.

We started by addressing the mark. The spiral itself was uneven and the triangles were at different angles and too tightly packed in. We ¬†started by designing one arm of the spiral and then putting the arms together. This took some trial and error as depending on the angle and distance of the triangles the arms wouldn’t sit evenly together.

ISOCS logo design mark

Once we were happy with the mark we started experimenting with layout. When it came to layout we presented several examples including some with the acronym included.

ISOCS logo design layouts

Three layouts where chosen as the school felt that the various layouts would work well in various applications. The client also felt that this would prevent users of the logo doctoring it for their own purposes if there we three distinct variations. The three variations looked as so:

ISOCS logo design layouts

We wanted the font to be easy to read, professional, authoritative – yet welcoming.

ISOCS logo design font choice

We presented a range of fonts to the client and they chose Helvetica (good old Helvetica – hasn’t failed me yet!).

ISOCS logo design font choice

Then it came down to colour. ISOCS liked their current colour scheme as it felt authoritative and professional to them, however they would like to see some experimentation to ensure there isn’t anything better suited to their message.

ISOCS logo design colour exploration

After seeing several different colour variations the client decided that they liked their red and blue colour scheme, but would like the shades to be more vibrant. After some further colour experimenting the final logos looked something like this:

ISOCS final logo designs

When you compare the original ISOCS logo to the final one you can see it’s the same logo concept, just slightly tweaked to make the message clearer.

So what do you think of the ISOCS logo design re-vamp? Do you think the logo can be improved further? Do you perhaps prefer the original?

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