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Rip Curl Boardmasters Festival – Poster Designs

We spent a very wet weekend at the annual Ripcurl Boardmasters Festival held in Newquay, Cornwall. The Boardmasters event celebrates surf, skate and music with the Vans Skate competition, the Ripcurl Surf competition and the Unleashed Music Festival. 

We were wondering through Newquay and found a Ripcurl shop sporting all the usual surf gear as well as all the previous posters promoting the Festival. It is interesting to see how the event posters have evolved over time.

Boardmasters festival poster 2008

Boardmasters festival poster 2007

Boardmasters festival poster 2006

Boardmasters festival poster 2005

As you can see the posters were originally very photo driven and have evolved over time to incorporate heavy use of vector graphics. It’s interesting to see that they never seem to use the same logo design, but each years logo utilises the use of the wings and blocky fonts. The posters all seem similar in style – they all look very distressed and rough and a lot of attention is given to the typography. However,as each year goes on, they have shifted the focus from surf and skate to music – the posters have to reflect the evolution of the festival.

There are other Ripcurl events held internationally and I have popped a couple of posters below, I love the use of the clean lines and illustrations for the female events.

Ripcurl Poster Girls on Tour

Ripcurl Poster Girls on Tour

Ripcurl Pro Poster

Ripcurl Pro Poster

So what do you think of these poster designs? Over used vectors and destroyed look that you’ve seen too many times before? Or nice sense of style and branding?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 at 9:17 pm
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6 Responses to “Rip Curl Boardmasters Festival – Poster Designs”

  • HB says:

    Love your 2008 Girls Tour one with the Pink & Brown, very nice indeed.
    Notice the main posters seem to going away from the surfing and more focused on the music year on year – intentional???

  • lu says:

    Glad you like the posters, I think the talented people at Ripcurl do a fantastic job! The posters are moving towards music more and more and I think this is because the festival is becoming more music orientated (the line up this year was outstanding).

  • The other thing I noticed about the progression is that as each year passes the amount of copy on the poster increases. Almost to the point where the 2008 poster is so bogged down with information it’s hard to read. It will be interesting to see if this practice continues or if at a certain point someone says, “enough! let’s get back to basics.”

  • lu says:

    Hi James,

    Even though I do think they have styled the information well I agree that there is far too much information on the poster. But again I think that this is down to the evolution of the festival and trying to cram too much in one weekend!

    Thanks for your thoughts.


  • Hi ! I really like your posters, I was also wondering if you where also working on the french ones, like the rip curl music festival ones?

  • chris says:

    Sorry to ask but do you know of anywhere I can get hold of the newquay board master posters??? thanks

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