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Design and Development of the SharpEdge Marketing website

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

SharpEdge website design

SharpEdge Marketing is a complete marketing agency, offering marketing consultancy, marketing training and mentoring, marketing project management and copywriting. SharpEdge specialise in marketing services for business-to-business companies, medium-sized businesses, manufacturing businesses, and companies in the construction industry.


Our Weigh Logo Design and Development

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

our weigh logo design by eightyone design, Paignton, South Devon

Our Weigh are a weighing scales and measuring equipment retailer based in Torquay, Devon. Our Weigh required their logo to relate to the industry they are in, so audiences would automatically know what the company did from their logo. They also wanted their logo to portray that their professional and fast approach to retail and customer service.


Eightyone Design in Web Designer Magazine

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

eightyone design in Web Designer Magazine

Web Designer magazine describes itself as ‘The premier magazine for aspiring online creatives and industry professionals.’ We were lucky enough to be featured in this months (issue 176) Web Designer Magazine in the portfolio section. The article outlines our background and showcases a selection of our favourite work.


Design and Development of the Papillon Bleu Partners Website

Monday, July 12th, 2010

papillon bleu partners website design

papillon bleu partners provide comprehensive consulting, advice and skills development. They help clients establish an effective portfolio and projects management culture and processes that are linked reliably to business strategy.


Design and Development of the DLP website

Monday, June 28th, 2010

DLP website design

The Dawlish Learning Partnership (or DLP) is a partnership promoting learning at the heart of the community, encouraging collaboration between all community organisations involved in supporting learning. Back in March we were approached by the Dawlish Learning Partnership  to create a logo for the organisation. The process went well and we created a logo which the client (as well as ourselves) were particularly pleased with. The logo has now been applied to a range of media as such as posters and letterheads.


Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Dawlish Learning Partnership Logo Design Research

The Dawlish Learning Partnership is a partnership promoting learning at the heart of the community, encouraging collaboration between all community organisations involved in supporting learning. (more…)

Scuba Diving Store Website Development

Friday, February 26th, 2010


Scuba Diving Store is an online retailer located in Paignton, Devon specialising in a wide range of Scuba Diving equipment. Store Manager Anthony designed and built the site himself 2 years ago and after some promising sales decided it was time for a visual change.


How do you decide what to put in your graphic design portfolio?

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Design portfolio

It’s that time of year again where you are assessing your bulging business plan, deciding what new piece of marketing material you are going to use to wow potential clients with in 2010 and, for us, it’s time to freshen up our website and reflect on what work we include in our portfolio. The problem is that we are a particularly fussy lot here at Eightyone Design and not every piece of work we complete makes the grade. In fact, only a mere fraction of our work makes it in to our design portfolio.

This can leave our portfolio looking a little stale at times against others which seem to be regularly changing. It also means that whilst we are always working with new clients, other potential clients are not aware of this due to the work not being included in our graphic design portfolio. This got us thinking ‘what is the best way to build your graphic design portfolio?’ As we see it there are the following options available to any graphic designer: (more…)

WBR World Beach Rugby Winter 2009 Clothing Designs

Monday, January 11th, 2010

WBR t-shirt design

As you all probably know by now we work (what seems like continuously) on a little project called World Beach Rugby. Twice a year we design a range of clothing which is sold online through the UK’s no. 1 rugby retailer, Lovell Rugby. 

However this summer they wanted something a little different, rather than the usual t-shirt designs, they wanted us to create some designs to be sublimated onto fitted style rugby shirts. The designs would be dyed directly into the fabric so we were therefore able to utilise the whole shirt for the design rather than just the front. We were also asked to make the t-shirt designs as bold and wild as possible, so they would really (I mean really) stand out from the crowd. When usually working on screen printed t-shirt designs, we have to work with limited amount of colours within the design as each extra colour means a new print plate. However, due to the new sublimated format there were certain design constraints which were lifted. We were therefore able to use gradients and colour blends to create different effects. (more…)

Looking back at 2009!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Eightyone Design personal photography 2009

Well 2009 has come and gone, so it’s time for a little bit of reflection. This time last year we posted about our New Years resolutions, some of which we adopted and some fell by the wayside before we’d even hit February! We managed to stop naming files ‘this-one’ or ‘final-this-one’, although our desktop’s are still as full as ever. We did, however, launch our new website back in March, so overall we are pretty proud. One New Years resolution we would like to expand upon was our pledge to create more personal projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed indulging in photography this year with my DSLR, but that’s as far as the personal projects went, so in 2010 we will try our best to develop more personal projects. (more…)