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Back to School!

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Westcliff School, Dawlish, Devon, website design

We have been lucky enough to be invited by the Dawlish Learning Partnership to design websites for a group of schools in Dawlish and the surrounding area. The process began way back in April and we have been liaising with the Dawlish Learning Partnership and the schools since then. (more…)

Design and Development of the Papillon Bleu Partners Website

Monday, July 12th, 2010

papillon bleu partners website design

papillon bleu partners provide comprehensive consulting, advice and skills development. They help clients establish an effective portfolio and projects management culture and processes that are linked reliably to business strategy.


Design and Development of the DLP website

Monday, June 28th, 2010

DLP website design

The Dawlish Learning Partnership (or DLP) is a partnership promoting learning at the heart of the community, encouraging collaboration between all community organisations involved in supporting learning. Back in March we were approached by the Dawlish Learning Partnership  to create a logo for the organisation. The process went well and we created a logo which the client (as well as ourselves) were particularly pleased with. The logo has now been applied to a range of media as such as posters and letterheads.


7 essential WordPress resources, hacks and plugins

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Essential WordPress Resouces

As we keep mentioning, we recently redesigned the Eightyone Design website. Over the long and painful 7 months it took us to get the new site up and running, we uncovered a lot of things we didn’t know about WordPress. Ranging from plugins to hacks, we found there were a great deal of ways you can customise WordPress to suit your needs. So I thought I would share with you some of the WordPress resources I found and used for the redesign of our website:


Eightyone Design launches a brand new website

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Eightyone Design Launches brand new website and blog

Sorry for the lack of blog posts and Twitter updates lately but we have been hard at work getting our new online graphic design portfolio and blog completed. It has taken us 7 months to develop, build and launch the new Eightyone Design website and we thought we would share with you the process we went through to design the site as well as some alternate designs, thought processes and other discussions along the way! (more…)

When is it the right time to re-design your website?

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

After reading David Aireys blog post ‘Why are designers never 100% satisfied?’ we got thinking about our own online presence and whether it was still saying and doing what we wanted it to. The current version of the Eightyone Design website is now about 18 months old and I wonder whether it is time for a rethink.

The branding and visual style of the site is still in keeping with our offline branding (stationary, business cards, etc) so we are not thinking about re-branding, but a lot has changed over the last 18 months so when it is time for a website re-design?

When we designed and built the flash based Eightyone Design website, its purpose was to be a very simple, basic site that would showcase some of our portfolio. We wanted to keep it simple so opted to have four sections to the site:

  • Home Page – with a brief overview of who we were and what we did.
  • News Page – to feature small news stories.
  • Portfolio Page – a simple image viewer showcasing some of our portfolio.
  • Contact Us Page – for our contact details and a email contact form.

We chose to build the above sections into a small and simple flash based website so we were able to animate and add some depth to the simple content. The only exception was the news page which used php to pull an RSS feed onto a html page in order for google to better rank the content. (more…)