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isocs website

The International School of Central Switzerland (ISOCS) is comprised of dedicated and experienced Primary Years and Middle Years educators from the top international schools worldwide and students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We were invited to work on the ISOCS logo design, once that was complete we moved onto the website design.

ISOCS wanted their website to be a showcase to prospective students and parents as well as provide vital information about curriculum activities to current parents and students. The design was to be bold, authoritative yet welcoming. The colour palette was to reflect the logo – so blue and red.


We have a lot of experience designing school websites, but to ensure that we didn’t overlook anything and ensure there were no cultural differences we discussed at great length with the client what vital information would the website hold and what was priority information. From there we created a wireframe of the ISOCS website.

isocs website wireframes

Website Visual

The client was happy with the wireframes so we went on to the design of the website. As this was a new style for ISOCS we researched other schools in the area to ensure their branding was unique and displayed their message and values.

ISOCS wanted a bold header image on their homepage and throughout the website as they were keen to actively display the school they are so proud of and the activities the children take part in.

isocs website

The client was very happy with the visuals overall, however requested the header image be a little longer and fill the screen a little more (it’s usually the opposite – clients would rather the header image shallower!).


The website was built in WordPress (surprise, surprise!), so we created a bespoke theme for the school. The school has an IT Technician, so we were able to leave the school to populate the site themselves, they even added several widgets and plugins (That’s how easy WordPress is to use!)!  One plugin we did find particularly useful was ‘Meteor Slides’, what’s unique about this plugin is that it allows you to have multiple slider categories – therefore different slideshows on different pages.


We believe that the ease of use of the ISOCS website, allowing important information to come to the fore is it’s strength. The style and branding of the site fits the clients brief of looking more corporate.

Jacqueline Webb-Archibald, Director and Founder commented, “Once again we are really excited about the new website and the overall re-branding. The website looks really great – Thank you very much.”

What do you think of the ISOCS website – www.isocs.ch

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