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VW Camper Van Logo Designs

Back in June, we posted an article entitled ‘When should a Graphic Designer stop designing?‘ in which we explored when a graphic designer should just say ‘NO!’ and stop adding designs to everything in sight.

In the article we pondered whether to add vehicle graphics to our beloved VW Camper Van (something we are still undecided on). We have had a few comments from people with their thoughts on what we should do. One of the most interesting was from Amanda at Truly Ace Design who made us see that even in choosing the badges, colour scheme and tyres, we were still designing.

Anyway, as a follow up to this post I thought I would post some photos from a VW Event that is held on Paignton seafront every August in which people bring their vans from all over the country to show them off.

I thought it was interesting to see that a lot of the VW Campers have had logo designs added to the side.

VW Camper Van Logo Design

VW Camper Van Logo Design

VW Camper Van Logo Design

VW Camper Van Logo Design

VW Camper Van Logo Design

VW Camper Van Logo Design

VW Camper Van Logo Design

Some of the designs were really good and this got us re-thinking about our our beloved VW and whether we should create a design to go on the van somewhere. However, after a lot of discussion (or arguments!) we have come to the conclusion that we should stop designing. The van has a simpleness about it (which is our style anyway) and we do not want to ruin that. It is hard as a graphic designer to know when to stop designing, but I think this is definitely the time.

What do you think about the designs? Too much? I am curious to know where these designs come from and who designs them? Have you ever been commissioned to create some artwork for a VW Camper Van?

Posted by Steve

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Posted on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at 8:29 pm
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8 Responses to “VW Camper Van Logo Designs”

  • Sheila Wraps says:

    I like the idea of taking advantage of the already distressed VW and going with it. This is great.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Sheila,

    Thanks for your comment. I too like the distressed designs. However, as we have just had the van resprayed and it looks clean and crisp I am not sure whether adding distressed graphics would work?

  • It would be interesting to see a few pictures of the new look van to see the difference?

  • Steve says:

    Hi Campervans4sale,

    The van is still untouched. We posed the question over whether to add vehicle graphics to it in our other post ‘When should a graphic designer stop designing? (http://www.eightyonedesign.co.uk/blog/2008/06/when-should-a-graphic-designer-stop-designing) and had some good responses. Most of which recommended leaving the van as it is, retaining the clean and simple look.

    So at the moment (although this could be subject to change) the van is as it appears in the pictures on this post.


  • Dave says:

    Hi Steve,

    Great site my friend and really chuffed to see our bus ‘Ozlow’ on your logo area – it’s the Orange Bay with the Surfer and Palm Trees.

    As our Bus was Orange we did feel the need to liven up the blank sides and with keeping the idea based on the Dub scene went with the idea of Sea and Surf – after all so many have enjoyed the Buses with that in mind, and yes we can even place our canoe inside and still go off with a bar be que and enjoy the outdoors.

    Best of luck with your decision, white looks cool but then it also the idea of adding a little of your own finish to the bus makes it more personal.

    Best regards,


  • Steve says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for commenting. Alway nice to put a name to the van!

    How did you come up with the design. Did you approach a designer or are you a designer yourself? How much was it to have it applied?

    As a van owner you may be interested in another blog we run about VW Camper Vans – http://www.vwcampervanblog.com.

    Oh, by the way, our van is actually Harvest Moon Beige instead of white – it’s hard to tell from the images!


  • Wiggy says:

    Hi Steve, I wonder if you be so kind please to allow me to include the great picture of the lorry (above) on a small website I am making which displays pictures of volkswagen van for fans to admire. I will fully attribute you as the photographer and copyright holder of the picture. It’s just that I’ve never come across a vw with a lorry back on it before! Thank you very much in advance… Wiggy

  • Steve says:

    Hi Wiggy,

    I have just emailed you regarding the image – if you let me know which van it is you want I would be more than happy to send over the image.



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