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WBR World Beach Rugby Launches Their Summer 2009 Clothing Range

WBR World Beach Rugby Launches Their Summer 2009 Clothing Range

We always know summer is approaching when we finally see our latest t-shirt and clothing designs available for sale on the WBR World Beach Rugby Website. It has once again been a long process since we started work on this seasons clothing range, but it is great to see the finished products now being sent out to Lovell Rugby’s loyal customers.  

We started development on the Summer 2009 clothing range way back in September 2008. Feedback from the 2008 Summer collection had been positive but it seemed that people had taken to the New Zealand / Maori style t-shirts more than the others. Other thoughts were that there were too many styles / colours to choose from so a much more concise range was conceived consisting of 6 brand new t-shirt designs and 4 brand new vintage rugby shirt designs. The rest of the range would be made of of new colourways of existing products. This included hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts, board shirts and sweat pants.

Our first point of call was to work on the new colourways of existing products. Adobe’s Illustrators ‘Live Colour’ tool makes this process much simpler by allowing us to highlight the artwork from the original garment and then change, amend and tweak the colours in to brand new colourways. You can also decide whther you want to simplify the design by decreasing the amount of colours used. The Live Colour tool allows us to quickly mock up multiple examples of colourways ready for the client to choose from. This process was carried out on all the requested pieces and the final colours were then chosen. 

Using Illustrators Live Colour Tool to re-colour t-shirt designs

We then moved on to the t-shirt designs. When designing t-shirts graphics we first take a trip out to our favourite clothing shops, not only for design inspiration but also to see what manufacturing techniques are being used in the trade. Some of the positive feedback that was received for the previous range was due to the multiple techniques used in the garments production. This included raw edge applique letting and patches, distressed and raised prints and vintage wash fabrics. 

The t-shirt designs once again took their influence from surf brands but also combined hard hitting Maori style graphics. They also, once again, featured unusual placement of the decoration. 

WBR World Beach Rugby - T-Shirt Design Concepts

WBR World Beach Rugby - T-Shirt Design Concepts

Development on the vintage style rugby shirts then commenced with the design of 4 new crests to be embroidered to the left breast of the garments. In our initial meetings with the client, we had devised four fictional team names to base the shirt designs on. These were all Cornwall based teams and we tried to include iconography representative of the locations. 

Embroidered Crest Designs

We were very pleased with the long sleeve vintage rugby shirts from the Winter 08/09 collection and so chose to use these same template garments with short sleeves. Again, we used Illustrators Live Colour Tools to devise some new colourways. 

WBR World Beach Rugby - Rugby Shirt design concepts

WBR World Beach Rugby - Rugby Shirt design concepts

There was the last minute addition of some baseball cap designs, other than that all the artwork was zipped up and sent to the factory to produce some samples. This process can vary but typically takes 3 – 4 weeks (although a lot of time is spent air freighting the samples over or them getting stuck in customs!). The samples arrived back with us and there were only a few amendments to make. Due to this being our 5th WBR clothing range we have built up a relationship with the factory and as such have become much more aware of their needs when supplying the artwork and accompanying instructions. This has helped to greatly reduce time and cost when producing sample runs. The first ever collection we designed went through 4 sets of samples before we were happy with the finished garments. 

WBR World Beach Rugby - Summer 2009 Collection - Final T-Shirt Designs

WBR World Beach Rugby - Summer 2009 Collection - Final Polo Shirt Designs

WBR World Beach Rugby - Summer 2009 Collection - Final Rugby Shirt Designs

As much of the brand work had been completed in the previous two collections (swing tickets / side patches / washing instructions labels / etc) this years range was much easier to complete. That being said the process from start to finish still took over 4 months to complete with another 3 months production time after that. 

We are, once again, very proud of the Summer clothing range and we have enjoyed every minute of designing it. For more information on WBR World Beach Rugby or to view the full collection of t-shirt and clothing designs visit the website at www.worldbeachrugby.co.uk  

So what do you think of the Summer 09 WBR World Beach Rugby collection? Something you would wear? Have you ever worked on a similar clothing design project?

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