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WBR World Beach Rugby Winter 2009 Clothing Designs

WBR t-shirt design

As you all probably know by now we work (what seems like continuously) on a little project called World Beach Rugby. Twice a year we design a range of clothing which is sold online through the UK’s no. 1 rugby retailer, Lovell Rugby. 

However this summer they wanted something a little different, rather than the usual t-shirt designs, they wanted us to create some designs to be sublimated onto fitted style rugby shirts. The designs would be dyed directly into the fabric so we were therefore able to utilise the whole shirt for the design rather than just the front. We were also asked to make the t-shirt designs as bold and wild as possible, so they would really (I mean really) stand out from the crowd. When usually working on screen printed t-shirt designs, we have to work with limited amount of colours within the design as each extra colour means a new print plate. However, due to the new sublimated format there were certain design constraints which were lifted. We were therefore able to use gradients and colour blends to create different effects.

Lovell Rugby chose the three most popular teams which were – Queenstown Knights, Wellington Warriors and Bali Sharks. It made sense to theme each of the shirts, so the Bali shirt would have a tropical theme to it and the Queenstown and Wellington designs would both utilise maori elements. Each of the shirts had to accommodate various sponsors logos so we needed to make sure the designs worked around these. 

Wellington Warriors

Like the Wellington Warrior t-shirt we decided to use the maori traditional tattoo style pattern. However we wanted the pattern to flow from the front of the garment to the back of the garment in one seamless design, as if the wearer had an actual tattoo which wrapped around their upper body. This proved a little difficult as we wanted the design to flow continuously from the front to the reverse and sleeve. This meant obtaining manufacturing templates from the factory in order for us to make sure each seam would have the design flow over it. We wanted the design to emphasise the muscular shape of the torso, so we made sure the design hugged the breast bone and flowed down the body. We started by designing for the front and reverse of the garment and then finding a way of making these two link. Then, once happy we moved on to including the sleeves in the design. This did take some time and several strong coffees, but we got there eventually.

Wellington Warriors t-shirt design

We weren’t sure which colours we should use for this design and after some experimentation we felt various colours worked well.

Wellington Warriors t-shirt design

We decided upon pink, white and navy as it fitted the clients brief of being as bold and bright as possible!

Wellington Warriors t-shirt design

Bali Sharks

We liked the surfer and sun ray imagery from the previous Bali t-shirt design and knew we wanted to retain this theme for the new design. We wanted Bali to be the ‘craziest’ of the t-shirts as we felt the tropical theme could carry a large range of colours and gradients more so than the other two themes. We certainly went for it, we have never used so many blending modes in illustrator, not to mention mixture of patterns and swatches! 

Bali Sharks WBR t-shirt design

The reverse of the shirt was a left a little simpler than the front adding a dark gradient enabling the wearer to personalise the shirts which there own number and name. 

Queens Town Knights

We knew that we wanted to utilise the maori face previously used on the Queenstown Knights t-shirts but in a bolder and more dramatic way. The latest Queenstown Knights t-shirt was in black with silver detail, which sold really well so we thought it would be also good to carry these colours across. 

We applied different styles to the maori face. We experimented with a grungy style, tried gradients and of course left it nice and simple. We eventually decided we liked the simple design silver and black colourway the best. 

World Beach Rugby t-shirt designs Queentown Knights

Again, the reverse of the shirt was left slight simpler enabling customer personalisation. We loved how the orange colour from the Speights logo looked against the black base colour of the shirt so used this colour for the WBR and Queens Town Knights logos as well.

Queens Town Knights final t-shirt design


Lovell Rugby were exceptionally pleased with the designs we produced and sent them straight to the manufacturer for sampling. Soon after we received some 3D modeling to give us a better idea of what to expect!

World Beach Rugby t-shirt designs mock up

Several weeks later we were presented with some physical samples of the rugby shorts which we were all very pleased with. The garments have been for sale for the last few weeks now and they are selling quicker than any other WBR garment, particularly the Bali Sharks t-shirt!

Wellington Warriors t-shirt design

Bali Sharks t-shirt designQueens Town Knights t-shirt design

It would be great to hear your feedback so please do tell us what you think of the designs? Would you wear the Bali Sharks shirt?

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Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 11:21 am
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11 Responses to “WBR World Beach Rugby Winter 2009 Clothing Designs”

  • Alan Robertson says:

    I bought the Bali shirt from Lovell’s and wore it around Bangkok and Thai beaches on holiday. Good reviews. I just received the Queenstown shirt; it is superb, mysterious and moody. Good luck with your company.

  • Lu says:

    Hi Alan,

    Glad to hear you bought a Bali shirt and got some good reviews from it! You are right there is something mysterious and moody about the Queenstown shirt!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • alex says:

    Hi there – i have been trying to find a bali sharks rugby shirt like shown above for ages – but no one sells them? do you know where i might be able to get one?

    Many thanks.

    Alex foster

  • Lu says:

    Hi Alex,

    Lovell Rugby stock the shirt but are currently sold out, they are due in soon. Glad you like the shirt.



  • Kate says:

    searching everywhere for these jerseys, do you have any idea when Lovell are gettin them back in? amazing designs.

  • Lu says:

    Hi Kate,

    I am glad you like the designs.

    I believe Lovell Rugby still have the Queenstown shirt in stock – http://www.lovell-rugby.co.uk/Rugby-Clothing/World-Beach-Rugby/Queenstown-Knights-WBR-Home-SS-Replica-Rugby-Shirt and are in the process of getting the Bali shirt in soon, you can always contact Lovell Rugby on 0800 197 2855 and I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you more.



  • Mike Polard says:

    Hi Lu, Been in touch with Lovell’s and they say they are not sure when the shirts are due in, can you possibly help with a date as to when they will be available again, cant find the Tropical one anywhere. Thanks Mike

  • Lu says:

    Hi Mike,

    As Lovell is the sole retailer for this item I can’t point you anywhere else I’m afraid. If they don’t have an eta from their manufacturers I can’t tell you much else. I am please that you like the shirt, but I am sorry that I can’t help you any further.



  • Alex says:

    Those are certainly nice designs, especially bali shark shirt.

    — Alex
    sporting goods review

  • Mike Pollard says:

    Hi Lu, Just had a phone call from Lovells, 17/11/10 saying they will not be stocking the Bali Tropical shirt due to price . Will it be available anywhere else. Been waiting for ages for these to arrive but now looks as though I will be disappointed. Help!!. Thanks Mike

  • Lu says:

    Hi Mike,
    Unfortunately they are the only stockists, but I have just heard from Lovells to say that there are some due in in March.

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