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Web Design Case Study – www.growwithit.org

We love playing with textures and layering here at Eightyone Design, so when Exeter based IT Company Switch Systems called us for a website visual with an underground / above ground feel we jumped with joy at the opportunity to create such an unusual site. In this article we discuss the website design visual and the elements used to create www.growwithit.org.

Grow With IT Website visual

The campaign that Switch Systems developed was called Grow With IT and they wanted a website to reflect the idea of natural growth. We loved the idea of using soil textures for the content section of the site with the bottom of the header being at eye level so you can see the roots of the grass and plants right up to the elements above ground and the sky.

The campaign was aimed at local businesses so we created a sign post which was routed into the ground pointing to Exeter.

Grow With IT Website visual

As I mentioned, the site was created to promote natural and organic growth so we created a server actually growing from the ground emerging from it’s leaves.

Grow With IT Website visual

We experimented with several different skies as we wanted the sky to be bright but not too over powering as we wanted the below ground level to be the focal point.

Grow With IT Website visual

Arista was used as we wanted a contemporary yet fun and bubbly font.

The earth colour palette almost looks retro with the cream text, but we felt this worked really well with the natural tone of the website design.

We are very pleased with the site, and believe it fulfills the brief adding a new spin on the usual style of IT Consultancy websites. The website design visual was handed over to the guys at Switch Systems who have done a great job of building the final website.

What do you think of the grow With IT website? What are your thoughts on the server growing from the ground? Do you think it works?  Have you ever been given a project brief that you are particularly excited to start?

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Posted on Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 2:23 pm
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5 Responses to “Web Design Case Study – www.growwithit.org”

  • I love this concept and the way you leveraged the brand name. Great job! Too bad you couldn’t use a better image quality on the actual website (I imagine the image size was big). Is it just me or is the live website a bit desaturated, compared to the mockups?

    You have a new subscriber too! 😉

  • Wow! I’m impressed. Looks great. I really like the contrast of nature and machine. It’s works well both aesthetically and conceptually.

  • Danny Hinde says:

    Gorgeous website design! Its so nice when browsing the web to come across a site like the one you’ve designed. The colours work together great and Arista was definately a good choice.

    Great work :)

  • lu says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Glad to hear that you like the site! It may be slightly more desaturated than the mock ups, we handed the visual to the programmers and it may have got amended slightly along the way.

    Thanks for subscribing!

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your compliments, we are pleased with the site and I think that the nature and machine elements work well together too!

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks also for your compliments! I love Arista font and want to use it on everything and I have to reign myself in and tell myself no!

    Thanks all for your comments.


  • The header is massive, perhaps a bit too big. When ‘one of those (someone who has far too many toolbars installed for any pratical use)’ users visits the site, they may not see any of the content as it starts way down the page.
    I do however like the way the page fits together.

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