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Why I Think Twitter is Awesome!

Why I think Twitter is Awesome

OK, so I have a small confession to make. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Twitter when it launched, and that is an understatament to say the least, I actually thought that Twitter was a complete waste of time. In my eyes, the people using it were lonely individuals with way too much time on their hands, using it to tell other lonely people with too much time on their hands what they were having for lunch and ironically how busy they were. Yeah right! I don’t care that it’s your sons birthday, I don’t care that you went to Thorp Park for the day and I don’t care that you bought a new pair of jeans. I am actually busy and I don’t see how this enriches my life in any shape or form (apart from make me want to be at Thorp Park!). However, just over a year ago I was being hit left right and centre with articles about the power of Twitter with everyone telling me that I’ve got try it; “everyone else is doing it”.

I don’t know when the penny dropped exactly. I think I may have just been hit unknowingly by the giant Twitter cupid like everyone else did and I began using and preaching about the power of Twitter. It certainly didn’t take long for me to catch on. I started by swallowing my pride and opening an account. Before I posted anything I started following some designers I admire and some local organisations. By my 10th or 11th follow I had to admit that I was actually enjoying myself. The Tweeps that I was choosing to engage with weren’t lonely or dull or telling me what they had for lunch. They were sharing intriguing articles, posting technical problems and interesting thoughts. That was it, with the penny firmly on the floor and there was no stopping me, I was following, being followed, tagging, retweeting, direct messaging left right and centre. I was like a bloody Jedi with the full power of the force running through my Mac and into my head, and I was loving it!

Before I knew it things took a rapid turn for the worse and Steve checked me into Twitter rehab as I Twitter OD’d. How it happened? I don’t know, I suppose it started by checking updates at the dinner table and spiraled into trying to drive whilst Tweeting. I was out of control and needed a Twitter detox. It was really hard at first as I was used to the constant interaction and sense of community. This community which I had filled with people I had personally selected. I don’t think I’d realised how much time I spent on Twitter, it was just five minutes here and there, but it was in fact so much more. Twitter seems to literally eat time and I didn’t realise it until it had been taken away from me. Time is definitely the currency of Twitter and I refused to pay anymore.

“But you’re still on Twitter ?!” I hear you cry, yes this is true, but I am more grown up now and am using it ‘responsibly’. I try to limit my Twitter activity to my Mac and only tweet from my phone when I am out of the office. I also only open Tweet Deck for an hour on lunch and any interesting Tweets I miss because of this, well I just miss.

After my Twitter ordeal I was left feeling a little bit empty, yes the communication is great, finding new articles to read is super and problem solving is very useful, but after all this I still haven’t profited from Twitter as such. I repeatedly read about how people are gaining new clients and work through it and I was left stamping my foot in frustration at not being able to leap this hurdle. This was up until a couple of weeks ago. We run a blog called vwcampervanblog, and have a seperate twitter account for it where we Tweet anything and everything VW related (you can see how we got addicted as I have more than one account!). We had a beautiful VW campervan (she really was I’m not biased) and were thinking of selling it to get a new one, so Tweeted this thought, simply saying ‘Thinking of selling my van!’. It only took a couple of minutes for someone to respond to our Tweet and after a couple of direct messages and emails (and a visit from Tunbridge Wells) we had sold our beloved van, all thanks to Twitter! All faith has been restored and a spring is back in my step. I still can’t say we’ve gained a new client through Twitter but I can see it’s potential and as long as I use it responsibly, I am happy.

I’d love to know what you originally thought of Twitter and how that compares to your thoughts now? Have you Twitter OD’d? Have you gained lots of lovely new clients through Twitter? If you have share your wealth and let the rest of us know how you did it, don’t be selfish now.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 2:19 pm
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