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You are a graphic design geek if you admit to one of these…

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As the title states you are officially a graphic design geek if you put your hand up and admit to one of the following¬†characteristic. You can’t hide it people, your inner geek should be embraced!

– You had a favourite font in primary school (minus points if that was comic sans)

– You are drinking your ninth expresso from a pantone mug

– You understand that Ajax isn’t a cleaning fluid

– You’ve asked yourself “If I was a browser, which browser would I be?” (Safari – clearly)

– You’ve ‘Apple / Control – Z’ to undo knocking over your coffee mug

– You write posts about being a graphic design geek

I’m proud to say I can admit to all 6 – and I ‘Apple – Z’ several times a day! My favourite font in school was Lucida Sans – purely because the name was so close to my own.

Any more graphic design geek characteristics that can be added to the list?

Posted by Lu

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Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2013 at 6:59 pm
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One Response to “You are a graphic design geek if you admit to one of these…”

  • David Millar says:

    I didn’t really have a favorite typeface so much as a list of typefaces I hated. Obviously Comic Sans was up there, but I also had a hefty disdain for Papyrus, and later in high school, Palatino (I think). I don’t have anything against it now, but back then that serif-tipped demon haunted me through yearbook class reminding me that nobody else there really cared about design.

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